Hearst Castle and Harpo Marx

I’ve been out of town a few days, staying at a little place in Cambria so I could visit Hearst Castle. William Randolph Hearst was a fascinating fellow. In Hearst’s heyday, Hearst invited people as his guests to stay at his castle. He flew them into his estate on his private plane. One of his invited guests was Harpo Marx, my favorite Marx Brothers. In his book, “Harpo Speaks,” he talks about how he moved some old junk to the side in Hearst’s guest library so he could practice his tumbling/flips. The “old junk” was of course priceless antiques. There’s also another story where Harpo says he got into the fur vault one night, removed a bunch of the furs and ran around dressing all the statues in furs. HA!


7 Responses to “Hearst Castle and Harpo Marx”

  1. Having lived in California, I never visited Hearst Castle. It must be a facinating place. I understand that that California now owns it and the state maintains it. I suppose I should check the link.

  2. I did and the Park system runs it.

  3. The park system is doing a great job with it. They have a nice visitors’ center and a bunch of natural gas buses to get people transported to the castle. It is a fascinating place, and something you don’t see much of around these parts. Of course, a california castle does not compare to the castles in Germany. Those are real castles.

  4. PodengoMum Says:

    Hearst Castle is apparently the most popular attraction in California — or maybe it’s just the Parks Service’s best-seller. I can’t believe it beats Disneyland for numbers!

  5. I went to Hearst Castle many years ago, what grabbed my attention was the size of the castle, I couldn’t imagine keeping that place dusted and the floors mopped. Leave it to me to worry about dust :0) and dirty floors! Just taking the rugs out and shaking them would have a chore, but I guess the Hearsts just paid an army of servants to do all that. It still boggles the mind…

  6. HA! I asked about the current dusting situation. The rooms that people tour are dusted twice a day. Funny we were thinking about the same thing. Dust. Dirt. And now the dirty finale…my dog stinks and I need to bathe it.

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