Can You Hear Him?

The Big Guy’s Auntie is in her 80’s. She mostly deaf, but won’t wear her hearing aids. A few months ago, when we went to her house to help her with some chores, I told her, “You need to wear your hearing aids.”

Her response was “What?”

So, I said it again but louder.

Her response was, “He’s outside.”

So, I yelled as loud as I could, “Wear your hearing aids.”

Her response was, “I’m training my ears to hear again.”

“No you’re not. You’re training everyone else to shout at you,” I told her.

Last night, we went to a theater production with her. Beforehand, we went to dinner. I was relieved to see the Old Auntie was wearing her hearing aids and the “training my ears without technology” program had ceased, if only temporarily. The Old Auntie “seemed” to hear better at dinner, which only means her answers to my questions didn’t sound like a practicing ESL student.

During last night’s performance, when there was a lull in the speaking part, and a poignant silence was presented, the Old Auntie yelled out, “Can you hear him?” She said it so loud, her question echoed around the auditorium, much better than the performers. The Old Auntie’s friend, who was sitting beside me, sighed in disgust. She whispered in my ear, “She can’t hear with or without those damn things.” Meaning the hearing aids, of course.

Thankfully, the Auntie didn’t say much else until later at the end. The music had stopped. We were left to contemplate what we had just seen. She announced to my husband (and the auditorium), “Do you remember this part?”

Umm, no, not the part on stage, but your performance seems familiar.


2 Responses to “Can You Hear Him?”

  1. Reminds me alot of my late Mother-In-Law. It went on for years like that. We took her to get some hearing aids. But they were too loud and hurt her ears. Needless to say, they sat in a drawer.

    • The Big Guys’s other old Auntie had a pair of hearing aids in her purse. We were driving her back from Reno and we kept hearing crickets the whole way back. It was the crazy hearing aids chirping by themselves.

      Seems like old people just get them to NOT wear them. They must be uncomfortable or they are at that age they just don’t care.

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