Note Failure

I have no memory. I’m trying to deal with it by writing myself notes. Unfortunately, then there is the problem of the notes. I often find the remains of them in the clothes dryer. I currently have a note on my desk that reads, “Above 1 SF test box.” I have no memory of writing it down. I certainly don’t know what it means, and I’m scared to throw it out because I obviously took the time to write the note, so I could remember something important.

6 Responses to “Note Failure”

  1. I am a note guy myself. If I don’t make a list I will always forget something. Chores, shopping, you name it. Even if I write it down, I’m lknown to not look at the list or only look at part of it. I think it has something to do with me getting older. At least that sounds like a good escues to me.

    • Sometimes the Big Guy and I make a grocery list and get right outside the grocery in the parking lot and see something on the list we didn’t get. I think we are like you. We look at it but only parts of it. I’ll take that getting old excuse too.

  2. Significant other always shoves notes in my face and says “You gotta write down names when you write down telephone numbers!” I look at the note and say “That’s not my handwriting.” Problem solved.

  3. I agree with Steve….I’ve learned to write notes for everything … now if I would just remember to read my notes!

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