Dog on a Rug

This blog entry today is brought to by our sponsor – Dog on a Rug. He’s in charge of security. He will bite you. A warning to the spammers as I got a whole new spat of spam to look at this afternoon, this time from Saudi Arabia. First the Russians, and now the Saudis. Not sure what the high interest is overseas with my blog. First, let me say, the League of Woman Voters simply isn’t what you think. They are not a military faction. I know I am the stupid American but I do have a spam catcher to trap crap, and WordPress logs your IP address. Think about it.


4 Responses to “Dog on a Rug”

  1. Let the dog bite the damn spammers. They probably think the site has some sexy photos of women in the league or something like that.

    • I suppose that is what they think. I wonder if the word “League” is code for porn. Now, I’ve typed porn. I should expect more spam. MOre and more. Can’t wait.

  2. Why name an annoyance after the best mystery meat in a square can? I loves me a fried slice of Spam with my eggs in the morning!

    • Spam is delicious. I haven’t eaten it much lately though. Staying away from bologna too. BUt tonight I ate an apple galette. that’s probably worse. And I do love bologna.

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