Chevron Refinery Tour

Today, I went on the Chevron Refinery tour in Richmond. It’s the first tours Chevron Richmond have offered since the ’80’s. I couldn’t take any pictures for security reasons, and I can’t find any on the internet, so I won’t be posting any. (I really wanted a picture of their balloon shaped propane tanks.)

I had no idea that refinery produced so many products, like propane and hydrogen. The grounds of the refinery are amazing. It’s a little city of buildings, miles of pipeline, storage facilities, trains, fire departments, and safety shacks. Our guides were two men, whose names I have promptly forgotten, but they worked at the refinery as an electrical engineer and a chemical engineer. Very decent of the plant to give us some engineers as tour guides.

Everyone was super duper nice too. They had a lot of greeters and sightseeing bus for the tour. Would I recommend it? Highly. Even if you think the plant is up to no good. Go. Check the whole thing out. Butt you’ll have to wait a while. If the tour is offered again, it will be next year.


4 Responses to “Chevron Refinery Tour”

  1. It would have been even nicer if they would have given a free fill up for the cars when the people departed. That would be good public relations.

  2. Now THAT is some public relations. Woo Hoo. I wish they had done that. They was a councilman on our tour too and he was busy passing out his business cards… to me…someone who isn’t even from that district.

  3. Is the Chevron Refinery built on a fault? I don’t wanna tour anything built over the San Andreas Fault just in case the big one hits while I’m touring a facility with storage tanks filled with several million gallons of explosive gases. I’m chicken shit about being blown to smithereens in the name of tourism. Just sayin’.

    • Never thought of that.. until right now as I was reading your comment. Very good point. Once that place starts blowing up, I imagine there is not stopping it. Stockpiles of fuel sitting everywhere.

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