Damned Solid Crazy

I have a restraining order out against this neighborhood crackhead. Long story. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks, like he was on crack, beating on people in the neighborhood. He and I had a run in. He threatened to stalk me and then he made good on his word. I called the police. But he’s a crackhead. So, the upshot of the deal is he doesn’t remember much about the day he was arrested. Let me fill ya in. He also threatened the police officer. My restraining order is now a criminal protective order, covering me and my husband and a 100 radius.

Fast forward to today. We are sitting at a stop light in the Smart car. The Big Guy is driving and I’m looking at some dog wipes I had just bought at the pet store because the puppies are simply too old to haul into a tub to wash. We are attempting to turn left, but waiting for traffic to clear to do so. The Big Guy nudges me. Out dancing around in the street is the crackhead pointing and laughing at our car. I didn’t know what to make of it. So, we turned left.

I had kind of been mulling on and off about it all day during my shift at my little volunteer job. Then, at the end of the day, there’s a minor scene where a mentally unstable customer wanted to make a complaint. I take the complaints, so I walk over to her, even though I’ve taken my apron off. She starts screeching it’s me she wants to complain about. YIKES! Never interacted with the woman except for a brief discussion a couple of months ago. Yesterday, she was in the store claiming one of the kids in the deli harassed her. That particular kid never says “boo” to anyone.

Sometimes I think there’s something in the water out here…

6 Responses to “Damned Solid Crazy”

  1. That’s scary. If I was back in Oakland, I’d probably want to own a gun and carry it, but we know that that isn’t the answer. Keep your eyes open and watch your back.

  2. It’s is scary. I’m beginning to think we need to throw in the hat and move. We’re looking around.

  3. Crack heads, can’t live with them, can’t run them over with your Smart Car.

  4. You take care! And if you are looking to move there is always…..FLORIDA. The biggest danger here is getting run over by a 95 yr old yankee driving the extra long buick or cadi!

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