I finally got a picture of Pigy. He stopped by to gobble seed. Pigy has a telltale white rectangle on his back – his gang colors, as in the gang of one, feathered variety.

I went into the city today to meet with a realtor. I give. Oakland wins. Hopefully, the broker can find us something close to the Big Guy’s work with a yard, one story, and near-by public transportation. Everything else, we can work around. I now carry a minimum of 4 BART cards with me since they demagnetize at every turn. Card #1 didn’t have enough funds. Card #2 was demagnetized. Card #3 was demagnetized. Card #4 worked. I find it distressing every time I turn around the cards are demagnetizing. I carry them all in the same holder, not near my phone or iPod. I was trying to talk to the station agent, when yet another crackhead holding a small can of cat food started screaming at her and alternately pounding on her cage. I will say it again – Oakland you win. I lose. Let me leave in one piece as soon as possible. After the crackhead screamed “Have a blessed day and I am not your husband,” he went up the escalator and the agent gave me a new little wallet with some special magic walls to keep my BART cards safe. It’s very cool, mostly plastic. Hope it works. Hope I get the hell outta Oakland.


2 Responses to “Pigy”

  1. Driver, good luck on finding a place.

  2. Thanks. I think we can get out of here this time. Prices are down in the bay area.

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