Church Laughing

You know what church laughing is – laughing so hard in church when it’s supposed to be deadly serious, and you can’t stop. Without further ado, I give you Switzerland’s finance minister, Hans-Rudolf Merz, in parliament, trying to answer a question about cured meats.


2 Responses to “Church Laughing”

  1. That’s cute, I’ve had a few bouts of LOL in public, but thankfully never in front of a gathering as serious as Parliament. Well, almost never — while attending graveside services at my father’s funeral, the minister was regaling about what a great person my father was, and me and my sister glanced at each other and said “are we at the wrong funeral?” That almost set us off, but we controlled ourselves.

  2. Oh boy. I had the same thing happen, except my sister and mother, and I started laughing hysterically at my father’s funeral. The funeral services place was playing some canned music from a tape. The tape broke, but with a very cartoon style noise. We burst into laughter. My mother laughed so hard, tears rolled down her face, thankfully too, because she was actually divorced from my father. It was kind of a messy divorce and people were wondering why she was even there.

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