UFCW Hypocrisy

Lordie! Jon Stewart’s Daily Show is hilarious. Check this out where the UFCW Nevada steps in it.

Of course, that’s nothing new for us in my hood. They pulled the same crap here 3 years ago. Only it wasn’t funny like Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.

Then there’s this. UFCW Local 5 unionized Oaksterdam University here in Oakland. Wow! What was Oaksterdam thinking? They actually courted this process. All I can say to Oaksterdam now is, “See ya. Wouldn’t want to be ya.”

Here’a a quote from Dan Rush, “Oakland’s UFCW Local 5 will ‘educate its members’ about the advantages of controlling and taxing marijuana, and encourage them to spread the gospel of letting adults do what they will in private. Not because the union endorses marijuana use, says Local 5 organizer Dan Rush, but because weed and hemp, like cigarettes and alcohol in UFCW supermarkets, mean jobs.” Huh? No, it doesn’t. Just means dues money paying you for whatever mess it is you do. And umm, most of us don’t go to the grocery for cigarettes and alcohol. Most of us go for food. Yup. Stuff like cottage cheese, Dan.

4 Responses to “UFCW Hypocrisy”

  1. I remember back when Unions did some good, in our little mining town white workers got paid more for the same work done by minorities. Most underground mining was done by minorities because we were expendable in case of a cave in. I remember the day my father came home furious because he wasn’t given a foreman job because they said he wasn’t educated enough, then the man who did get the job asked my father to fill in some paperwork because he couldn’t read or write. Of course, that was a long time ago, I think unions have taken a turn for the money, I mean worse.

  2. I think there’s all kinds of prejudices in the work place, back then and now. I can’t imagine hiring a foreman who can’t read. How ridiculous was that? Back in the day, I wasn’t given an advancement because management thought I was going to get pregnant. I couldn’t figure out why they gave it to my fellow employee, a drunk, but male, who had been with the company lessor time. thankfully, he fulfilled his destiny – drinking and was the drunk employee and totally worthless. I quit and went elsewhere. Screw ’em. I think he ended up quitting but it was one of those quit or be fired scenarios. Back in the day and in the South that was all standard practice.

  3. I was just telling SO the other day about the good ol’ days when I used to get slapped on the ass either with their hands, a ruler, or folder by male co-workers every time I bent over to put copy paper in the copy machine. I went to my boss and complained about being man handled, her reply was “Boys will be boys!” I finally rectified the matter on my own, by rearranging the work area so that there was a wall behind the copy machine instead of a walkway.

    • And today we could sue for sexual harassment with a side of hostile work environment. THings have improved. Smart thinking to move the copier. I usually just broke it, and then, oops….all done.

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