Whoa Nellie!

I think “Whoa Nellie” is a Southern saying. It’s the nice version of SHE-IT. Anyhoo, the heat is raging on here, at least for today. Weatherbug’s a liar. It’s already 95 degrees at noon and going to be steadily climbing until tomorrow, then was should get some fall temperatures. I like the weatherman who said mid-broadcast a few days ago, “Summer’s finally here on the first day of fall.” Hilarious, and yet not, as I look at my doggies splayed out on the oriental rugs with their tongues lolling out of their mouths. The small dog keeps giving me the “what for?” because I won’t take them outside of the house in the heat.


5 Responses to “Whoa Nellie!”

  1. The weather people keep saying there’s a cold front on the way, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of it. It’s 12:33 a.m. and it still in the high 80s here. I’m so sick and tired of the heat I could scream. AUUUGHHH! There I did scream, I feel better now. Sweaty, but better.

    • I’m screaming too, and sweating. I went to class last night and I wasn’t the only person there with some B.O. They needed to keep the door open. Thankfully they had A.C.

  2. We have the cold front here and we were kind of hoping it would blow your way. Send us some of that heat. Please, please, please. We don’t scream, we just turn up the heat.

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