Meg Whitman and Her Housekeeper

Meg Whitman finally got a big dose of what she’s been serving up here in the California gubernatorial race. She’s all mad now, holding press conferences and saying crap like, “Gloria Allred does this before every election.” And to quote the hyperlinked article, “Indeed, before Gov. Arnold Schwarzennegger, a Republican, was first elected to that office, Allred had a press conference with a woman who claimed the former Hollywood movie star had groped her.” We elected The Gubernator anyway. I voted for him, grope or no. I think he’s done a pretty good job too.

Meg should write notes to herself like I do, and those notes should read, “Remember not to diss other candidates as my platform. They may retaliate.” I guess they did, and to be honest, I don’t care if she hired an illegal alien to clean her house. She’s the one making the big deal out of it. What I do care about is her platform is based on maligning the other candidates. Every single T.V. ad I see she she just tells me what a liar and boob Jerry Brown is. You know what? It makes you look like you have a screw loose, Meg. And where did you find that crazy picture of Jerry Brown with the errant facial hair (singular). Are you one of those mean girls from high school? Why don’t you tell us something about how you plan to save California from our financial crisis. Maybe you’re not concerned with that. Hard to say.

4 Responses to “Meg Whitman and Her Housekeeper”

  1. On the other hand, the news or even her response didn’t lower my opinion of her…any further. I have yet to hear what she’s *for*, just what she feels Jerry Brown has done wrong.

  2. I agree. She drives me a little crazy. I would like to hear what she stands for, but I never hear that. She just keeps pounding on Jerry Brown. In the end, I’ll probably vote for Brown, unless she comes out of the shoot with something substantial. I like Jerry. I think he’s done a good job and worked hard.

  3. I see that politics in California is pretty much the same as other states when election time rolls around. They say the best defense is an offence. I’ll buy that in football, but not politics.

    • It’s blathering mess. Gloria Allred is an ambulance chaser, or maid chaser. I hope Jerry Brown wins at this point.

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