Sitting Shiva

I’ve been calling my best friend’s dog, Lil Jesus. It’s okay because my best friend is Jewish and remains unoffended that the second coming of Christ is her pet. I told my friend too that according to prophecy since Christ is now walking the earth for the second and final time, that means the anti-christ is here also. My friend pointed at her cat.

My friend and her mother went to a funeral this afternoon. I don’t much like funerals but I love the food. For example, when my aunt died, my cousin made mini chess pies. And she also served a big pan of tiramisu, along with a tray of homemade biscuits and country ham, and gallons of special mint tea.

So, I asked my friend if food was good at Jewish funerals. She said they would probably have cake at the temple but the good food would be at the sitting shiva, and she and her mom weren’t going to that.

Later today when I checked with my friend about the funeral food, she said they didn’t even have cake at the temple. That’s crap and will probably be the only reason I don’t become Jewish. The way I look at it, if someone dies, roll out the spread. Bring out the whole pan of tiramisu, even though my cousin told me later she got the pan from Costco. My cousin wouldn’t eat any of it either. I’m not sure why. I wanted to take a whole pan with me back home on the plane, but I bet security would have taken it for themselves and not even bothered to eat it behind closed doors in their break room. They would have stood there in front of me with forks gobbling it up.


6 Responses to “Sitting Shiva”

  1. My wife loves tiramisu. I bought some tiramisu ice cream the other day. Not bad.

    • WOW! My two favorite things in one. I haven’t any tiramisu ice cream here but I would love it. I’m going to ask at the grocery if they can order some.

  2. The only thing I regret is that if you’re the guest of honor at a funeral you don’t get to partake in the food fest afterward. I think the get together after a funeral is standard operating procedure in Mexican families. It’s where all the funny stories of the dear departed get told, and when all his/her buddies spill their guts about the stuff nobody knew about that they got away with in high school. I told SO to cremate me and save the funeral money for the get together food! SO’s family also has a food fest after funerals so maybe it’s a English/German/Irish thing too.

    • Seems to be a common theme. I didn’t have any idea. I thought the feast was just a Southern deal. They do the same thing too – life review and funny stories of the deceased. And you are right, AZ. I wish I could attend my own funeral for the eats.

  3. PodengoMum Says:

    There was some good stuff at the Shiva! Well, my Mom brought a big cake — one of those double frosted devil’s food deals from one of the fancy bakeries in San Francisco. She’s supposed to be on a diet so she didn’t tell me what else she ate.

    The temple didn’t do a spread because everyone was headed to the burial — except us.

    Normally being Jewish is ALL about the excessive food. I just feel the need to defend my people!

    Lil Jesus is snoring…Even his snoring is sacred.

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