Campaign Video

Love this video…
Jean is running for mayor in the November elections. I like Jean’s videos, even though I’m no fan of rap. My only critique of this one is the ending where the rappers thank Jean. That whole “thank you” scene should be omitted. It’s as if they don’t own a car or something and are obliged to Jean, and they are going to a house party for Jean. She should be thanking them. Don’t like that part. I think it would be way cooler if they all just got out of the car, as if the rappers may not be real, just on the radio and the song is still floating in Jean’s head as she walks up to the house party. Love the scenes of Oakland out the car window. All in all a great song and video. I will give this a two thumbs up.

4 Responses to “Campaign Video”

  1. I could only take about a third of it. I guess politicians have to try anything they think will help get them elected. It doesn’t work for me, but then again, I can’t vote.

    • It’s a mess over for Oakland mayoral race. People are doing everything they can to win. I’m getting more negative responses on this video that positive. Oh well.

  2. I hate rap, I got all the way through the video, but I hated it all the way through. Must be my age, music is starting to get on my nerves I don’t care if it’s rap, county/western, jazz, it all gets on my nerves. I think I’m a crabby old person.

    • LOL! I’m crabby too, but I think I was born that way. All my friends are hating this video. Don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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