Car Rims

More spam today that said “Hi, do you like car rims?” Sure, and pull tabs from Coke cans. I’m collecting them. I’m building a robot.

I have a lot of work to do today, but it’s going to be in the 90’s here, and that slows me down. I think this Indian Summer heat gave me a headache that ran on for 3 days. It mysteriously disappeared yesterday for reasons unknown (perhaps drugs). I need to call my epilepsy doc and remind him to proceed with a referral to deaden my head. I called him in the throws of a migraine a month ago and asked him to do the procedure. I guess there is one. He told me about it. They permanently deaden part of your head killing the occipital neuralgia that contributes to migraines. I got the temporary fix once, but it didn’t totally deaden my head, just killed off the migraines. I want some sort of permanent fix. These headaches are a pain in the…well…you know…head. Gives a new meaning to deadheading.

Seems like the only down side, as described by my epilepsy doc, is after the procedure you can’t feel your head. Not sure how many times I feel my head anyway. It that a necessity for life? On my disability form I can put: My head can’t feel. It is the same as being senseless? My head is senseless. The doc said I had to be careful I might burn myself in the shower, but, who goes head first into a shower? I always stick my hand in to check things out. If the hand says, “okey dokey” then I go in.

4 Responses to “Car Rims”

  1. Wow, sounds like a procedure they all of the time, but I’d think twice or three times first. But, if it’s safe and takes care of the headeache, it would probably be worth it. Good luck either way.l

    • I don’t think anything is safe, but it might be better than all these headaches/migraines. I wish I could cut my head off, but I kind of need it.

  2. Seriously? There’s an operation that will deaden your head? I’ve heard that the brain has no feeling, so what they do is deaden the nerves to the skin and underlying tissue? Just the skin on your head, not the nerves that control your facial expressions, right?

    • I’ve been told the brain has no feeling too. Hard to believe. Supposedly it doesn’t have any nerve endings. I think the problem is they cut the occipital nerve when they took the brain tumor out. It just keeps reacting and overreacting. The slightest thing sends it into a migraine which does affect my brain. There is some tie in between the migraines and the epilepsy. One gets started and sets off the other or vice versa. I’m just sick of the whole mess. I think a dead head is preferable to what’s going on. I could be wrong. It’s not supposed to affect you facial expressions. I had the temp fix and it was good for a long while.

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