It was 95 degrees here today. For some reason, the redwood in the back yard ejected a bushel basket of dead needles into my yard. The dead redwood needles are sharp and pointed and more than once, the Little Dog went gimpy because of a stab in her hind leg paw. The Big Guy raked up the mess when he came home. Me? I’m living on chocolate mint ice cream from Farmer Joe’s. It’ll be that way until the heat wave passes.


4 Responses to “Sweltering”

  1. I want some of that. Heatwave, not ice cream. Oh, go ahead and throw in some ice cream too.

  2. We’re at 98­° and we’re walking around with our thumbs in our arm pits all proud and that it’s finally below 100­°! I noticed snowbird license plates in the parking lots, so all the easterners are flocking to Arizona for the winter. Oh speaking of snowbirds we were at Michael’s, the craft store, and watched a senior citizen smack a parked car when he pulled in to a parking spot at 25 m.p.h. SMACK! You could hear it all across the parking lot! Yuppers, the snowbirds they have arrived with a BANG. You can keep the chocolate mint ice cream, I don’t like mint.

    • Oh…snowbirds. I remember them. Cannot believe you saw that at Michael’s – a slo mo snowbird wreck. Should be open season on snowbirds as far as I’m concerned.

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