Little Dog Down

A couple of days ago, the little dog yelped for what appeared to be no reason. I thought she had bit her tongue. Then, yesterday, her face swelled under her eye. I called the Big Guy to come home from work, and we whisked her off to the vets who gave us some antibiotics and a wait-and-see-if-that-helps diagnosis. I was pretty sure she had an abscessed tooth. Long story short, she had 4 teeth pulled at the vets today, but only after she stayed up all last night all panting and pacing. I know. I was up with the imp trying to console her. There was no consoling her. The vet says she is resting comfortably. We can pick her up tomorrow. Little Dog cheats death (or the dentist) again. YAH! She’s 16 this year. The vet also said she is hypothyroid, and will have to take a little thyroid pill from now on. Odd. That’s what my vet, I mean physician, just told me last Wednesday. Little Dog is a copy cat. The house is lonely without her tonight, except the Big Dog seems utterly delighted to have the place to herself. The brat.


11 Responses to “Little Dog Down”

  1. You have to take care of the family. 16 years and still going. That’s amazing.

    • Little Dog is in good shape too, just deaf as a doornail. Other than that, she’s pretty chipper. She’s home now and feeling a lot better without those infected teeth.

  2. Glad she’s OK!

  3. I’ve had several abscessed teeth in my day, it hurts like a sumbi*ch! Glad to hear Little Dog came through her ordeal more or less unscathed. You’re a good Mama :0) !

  4. I want to think I’m a good Mama, but I had waved off the teeth cleaning because the dog was so old. I think I may just be a marginal mama.

    • I too stopped having my Little Dog’s teeth cleaned when she reached age 20, it made me nervous when the vet made me sign a release saying I wouldn’t hold them responsible if Little Dog died because of anesthesia. She made it another three years without having her teeth cleaned, but her kidneys failed. I still think you’re a good Mama!

      • Thanks. I felt exactly like you did. The Little Dog was too old for anesthesia. She had to do it though because of the abscess.

  5. Aw bless little dog. And oooh the copy cat. Funnily enough my daught has Hypothryroidism and takes her little tablets every day. (as long as I put them out for her along with a glass of water!)
    Hope you are ok, keeping well and stuff!

  6. daughter! I don’t have a daught. Yet.

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