Big Un

Here’s the big fatty pumpkin at my grocery. Every year they have a contest to guess the weight. Person guessing closest to the actual weight gets a $50 gift certificate. The big fatty was outside the front door the first day. I came back the second day and it was inside. I had a vision of a tiny army moving the monster. It was probably just the forklift. It’s a big un.


4 Responses to “Big Un”

  1. 538 pounds and 14 ounces.

    • I have submitted your guess. I hope you win. If you do I will mail your stuff – whatever you want – $50 from the grocery.

  2. 186.3, I’m taking into account the punkin is loosing moisture daily. It probably weighed 197.8 the day it was cut from the vine, but by the time the contest is over it will be at 186.3 or maybe 173.7.

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