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She’s still kicking

Posted in animal on November 30, 2010 by Nada

Yesterday, I was pretty sure the Big Dog was a goner. I even took a picture of her in the living room when I thought she had died in there, like some sort of last photo. She stayed in the living room all day. I tried to give her water, but she refused it. I tried to get her up, but she couldn’t make it. Finally, I just let her be. I figured when hubby came home for work, we would rig up a sling and get her in the car and take her to be put down. Then, around 4pm, I was back in the study working on the computer and she walked in here to see me like she always does. She seemed to say, “Boy, THAT was miserable, but I think I’m better now.” She’s playing with stuffed animals and eating again. I can’t really say what is going on other than the meds the vet gave me worked pretty well.


Up for moderation

Posted in animal, food, general weirdness on November 26, 2010 by Nada

Yeah. The turkey. It was (notice past tense) delicious.
The little dog, at her new post, by me and my computer. I say “post” as if she’s guarding something. Not.
The big dog is in the den. She’s not doing so well. I think the cancer and the lipoma in her leg are finally getting to her. We have an appointment at the vets tomorrow to see if we can get her some relief. This morning she refused to eat her boiled chicken. That’s a first.

Then, this was in my spam queue today – “How come you are moderating my comments.” It was dropped on the blog entry “Doctors Appointments.” I left it in the spam queue, so technically it’s spam and not even up for moderation.

This I use

Posted in animal, general weirdness on November 22, 2010 by Nada

Someone dropped the comment “This I use” on my “Home Invasion” blog entry. Oh, so you use home invasions. How? For target practice?

In other news, we think we have a decent contract on the house, but now we can’t find a place to move to. We aren’t even thinking about buying, simply renting. We are trying to vacate this place as quickly as possibly. Turns out, it’s not so easy. No one wants to rent to anyone with dogs and particularly not German Shepherd mixes. We decided this weekend the big dog really wasn’t a German Shepherd mix at all. She’s an Australian Heeler mix.

And then today, we got a $6 refund check in the mail that was made out to the big dog from Food Network Magazine. Those people are stone cold idiots. Don’t ever subscribe to that magazine no matter how cheap it gets or how many pictures of delicious food they show you. As a joke (turns out the joke was on me) I subscribed to that rag in the big dog’s name. They sold the big dog’s name and address to every magazine subscription service this side of the Mason Dixon line. We started getting junk mail galore in the big dog’s name. Finally, the coup de grace was Home & Garden Magazine sent the big dog an issue of their magazine and demanded payment. I called Home & Garden customer service.
Me: What is this about?
Customer Service Agent: An insert card requesting our magazine was filled out and sent in. We are responding to that, and requesting payment.
Me: I don’t believe you.
CSA: Excuse me?
Me: You’re a liar. According to you, my dog has learned to write.
CSA: I’m not understanding.
Me: The so-called subscriber to your magazine is my dog.
CSA: Oh.

Next I called Food Network Magazine customer service, and trust me, these phone numbers are not easy to find on the internet.
Me: Stop the subscription to my address.
CSA: May I ask why?
Me: Sure. You sold the subscription name and address to every magazine subscription service this side of the Mason Dixon line.
CSA: We did not.
Me: You did too.
CSA: We did not.
Me: Look here, I just had to cancel a magazine subscription from Home & Garden in my dog’s name. You’re the only people who were using the dog’s name for your magazine.
CSA: We did not.

And so today, I got a check from Food Network Magazine in my dog’s name.

It’s a War Zone Here

Posted in Dimond District, holy crap, home invasion, Oakland, she-it on November 20, 2010 by Nada

Tuesday morning OPD and the highway patrol chased down some kids on the bay bridge and arrested them. The news was all over it, saying those suspects were the ones responsible for the home invasions robberies. Maybe. On Wednesday, I took this photo, of the police responding to an armed robbery call across the street from where I buy dog food.

In the mean time, the police made more arrests of two different sets of suspects. The news keeps reporting the woman in the last set of arrests says she “accidentally” shot a victim. What the hell? She shot someone. It doesn’t matter whether she “accidentally” did it or not. She used a gun to perpetrate a crime. And then this happened last night after the victim got off the 57 bus, down the MacArthur corridor.

In the mean time, we seem to have an offer on the house. Seems like a good offer. We are selling it “as is” now, and at a good price. Yup, we are running. Seems like the prudent thing to do at this point, and I have to admit I’m more than a little angry with my realtor. At a meeting to discuss terms, she told me I was all “entrenched” in this scene, and it was my “reality.” Then she tacked on “You make you own reality.” Huh? Um, yeah, the home invasion was across the street from me. The robbery was across the street from my pet store. The killers of this last victim were on the bus I ride. How does one get dis-entrenched from this? Well, something will happen to her, and then soon I suppose it will suddenly become her reality too.

UPDATED: Yup, another shooting.

5 More Robberies

Posted in Dimond District, Oakland, she-it on November 16, 2010 by Nada

Tonight. 2 miles from here, near MacArthur Corridor, Dimond District. Same guys as the ones doing the home invasions, same time, but different car. Now they are using a black Lexus. Still 2 African American males, waiting in the dark around 7pm for unsuspecting people to come home. Then, they rob their victims at gunpoint. SEND HELP!!!! It’s a war zone here, and we are getting hammered.

Doctors Appointments

Posted in health, life on November 15, 2010 by Nada

Tomorrow, I have to go see my epilepsy doctor, and he’s a cool guy, but he just can’t remember my name or anything related to my epilepsy. He always thinks I’m on some medicine I’m not taking. I keep asking him to numb my head so I can get out of this cycle of migraines, and he keeps saying he’s working on it. Sometimes I think I’m the one with brain damage and then sometimes I think…nah…it’s him. I’ve already decided if he asks me again what medicine I’m taking, I’m going to tell him LSD. He should know what I’m taking. He should quit asking me. He’s prescribing the crap. I love to say the word “crap.” Maybe I’ll just say that to the doc when he asks me what medicine I’m take. “Crap. Just crap,” or “Mostly cat crap.”

Oakland Home Invasion

Posted in Dimond District, holy crap, home invasion, Oakland on November 13, 2010 by Nada

Last night, my neighbors directly across the street from my house were victims of a home invasion robbery. The police responding to the call said the suspects have pulled more than 20 crimes of this nature in our area. The suspects are believed to be driving a silver infiniti. They target large Asian families because of the speculation they are hoarding cash in the house. According to the police, another family on our street at the foot of the hill was also victimized in the last couple of weeks, along with a homeowner one street over. The home owner one street over owns a pit bull, and the suspects brought dog food to pacify the animal. The suspects are 2 male African Americans, slight build, with grey hoodies and a bandana covering their face. One of their names is Marcus. They wait for the victims to come home after dark, and then they apprehend their victims outside their home and force them inside at gunpoint. For one of the crimes, a Caucasian male did join the 2 male African Americans. There is a reward for the capture and arrest of these suspects.

The crime across the street from us took place at 7:15pm. At approximately 10pm, they pulled another home invasion on another family around the corner and up the street from us. The suspects are young and according to the police, calm. They are hitting homes off the MacArthur corridor.

Our surveillance camera did capture images of the suspects prior to the home invasion, but both suspects had their grey hoodies pulled down to conceal their faces. Prior to committing the crime, the suspects did attempt to hide in our next door neighbor’s driveway, but a motion sensitive spotlight came on, and they moved.

One suspect was able to conceal himself across the street in front of the victim’s house behind a bush. The other suspect concealed himself on the victim’s premises. They did threaten to shoot and kill the victim’s 10 year old daughter.

If you have any sort of overgrown vegetation on your premises, please cut it back. Please alert the police to anyone unusual in the area. I do suspect these are people living in the area.