Say what?

I was listening to myself talk the other day, and my Southern accent is worse than ever. Whereas I used to sound sort of like I was from Oakland, now I simply sound like a hillbilly. If I want to drop the accent, I have to think about it. Thinking while I talk is almost impossible. I want to blame my cousin for currently making my accent what it once was. I talk to her all the time now that I have a flat rate minute plan on my cell phone (thanks to Metro PCS). My cousin is still in Tennessee. I am not, but I swear if you have had a Southern accent and you keep talking to someone who has one, yours will be re-infused.


4 Responses to “Say what?”

  1. Could be you have a south Oakland accent.

  2. LOL!!! For sure.

  3. I was told by a co-worker that my Spanish accent was significant, but I don’t speak Spanish. So I guess if you don’t need to speak a foreign language to have an accent then I choose to have a Romanian accent, because I don’t speak Romanian either.

    I understand about being around southerners my ex-husband was raised in the south, but he lost his accent when he moved to Arizona as a child, but if he was with a southerner for more than one day his accent returned as if by magic. The best thing about being southern are the names Jackie Ray, Melody, and Joe Bob just to mention a few of my ex’s siblings.

  4. Okay, now that’s crazy about the person who said you had a Spanish accent. I think that person couldn’t hear.

    Yeah, you have to love Southern names. they are so outlandish. One of my favorites was Greenie Bob and he had a son named Greenie Bob, who did something really outlandish like tie someone to a tree and shoot them and then say it was a hunting accident.

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