Giants’ Parade

Yeppers, I went to the Giants’ Parade, welcoming home our boys in orange from that wasteland known as Tex-ass. What a throng too. I really couldn’t see much, but a nice fellow behind me who was a foot and a half taller than me told me what was going on. This is mostly what I saw.
And when any of the players came by, everyone went wild, hootin’ and hollarin’. Great fun! After the parade went by, I tried to turn to go to the Civic Center, but the crowd went the other way. I wasn’t able to buck the crowd. I did get to walk down the middle of Market Street. What an odd experience. These are my two favorite photos from my stroll.


7 Responses to “Giants’ Parade”

  1. If it couldn’t be the A’s, I’m glad it was the Giants. Yeah, the first photo is my favorite. Wonder why?

  2. I suspect you mean the second photo – with the ladies. I actually talked to them because CBS was trying to film the ladies, but they were walking by. I approached the one with the most eye shadow, stopped her and said, “The T.V. crew is trying to film you.” She couldn’t hear me above the crowd and said, “Take your picture but we’ve a rolling show.” I yelled back, “Not me! THEM!” and pointed to the TV cameraman who then was standing on his truck. She immediately stopped ALL the woman and did this fancy dance. It caused a bit of a stir with the crowd, and that’s when the police started marching their way. It was all highly entertaining. Their shirts said “Pink Ladies” on them, but I can’t seem to find them on the internet.

  3. I must have a huge delay in my RSS feed, Steve’s comment was made yesterday, and I get notified of your post on 11-11 at 1:00 a.m. What up wit dat? Well, if Steve likes the tap dancers, then I’ll like the boys in blue, not that any of them are hunks, but I like donuts and they like donuts, so that gives us something in common. :0)

  4. I was pulling for the Giants since the Rays were knocked out of the race. It was a fun series to watch. Glad you went to the parade…sorry you couldn’t see more of it!

    • It was a fun parade anyway. I did go to the Giant’s site afterward and watch it so I could see the players. What a blast! Go Giants!!!!

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