Oakland Home Invasion

Last night, my neighbors directly across the street from my house were victims of a home invasion robbery. The police responding to the call said the suspects have pulled more than 20 crimes of this nature in our area. The suspects are believed to be driving a silver infiniti. They target large Asian families because of the speculation they are hoarding cash in the house. According to the police, another family on our street at the foot of the hill was also victimized in the last couple of weeks, along with a homeowner one street over. The home owner one street over owns a pit bull, and the suspects brought dog food to pacify the animal. The suspects are 2 male African Americans, slight build, with grey hoodies and a bandana covering their face. One of their names is Marcus. They wait for the victims to come home after dark, and then they apprehend their victims outside their home and force them inside at gunpoint. For one of the crimes, a Caucasian male did join the 2 male African Americans. There is a reward for the capture and arrest of these suspects.

The crime across the street from us took place at 7:15pm. At approximately 10pm, they pulled another home invasion on another family around the corner and up the street from us. The suspects are young and according to the police, calm. They are hitting homes off the MacArthur corridor.

Our surveillance camera did capture images of the suspects prior to the home invasion, but both suspects had their grey hoodies pulled down to conceal their faces. Prior to committing the crime, the suspects did attempt to hide in our next door neighbor’s driveway, but a motion sensitive spotlight came on, and they moved.

One suspect was able to conceal himself across the street in front of the victim’s house behind a bush. The other suspect concealed himself on the victim’s premises. They did threaten to shoot and kill the victim’s 10 year old daughter.

If you have any sort of overgrown vegetation on your premises, please cut it back. Please alert the police to anyone unusual in the area. I do suspect these are people living in the area.


5 Responses to “Oakland Home Invasion”

  1. Our telephones and internet connection is spotty. Damn that’s a bad situation. Hope you find a buyer soon.

  2. How do the thieves gain entry to the houses? Do they knock on the door and then force their way in, or are the doors unlocked and they just walk in? We have a security door that stays locked at all times, even when someone rings the doorbell the door stays locked and we speak to them through the security door. We’ve been burglarized before, it is the most unsettling feeling knowing that someone has been in your house going through your things, it took me three years to start feeling safe in my own house. Of course once you’ve been burglarized you take all the necessary precautions: security lights, deadbolt locks, we even have our garage side door secured with a 2×4 barricade because one of our neighbors told us that a house had been broken into via the garage side door. I hate thieves, I think they should have their right hand amputated so that are forever marked as thieves, because jail time rarely seems to stop them.

    • This is the worst thing of all. They have cased the house. They know the comings and goings of the family. They are waiting for the family member to return home, usually with a child. They hold the gun on the child and tell the parent that will kill the kid unless they take them into the home. Even typing this now, makes me so angry and hurt.

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