5 More Robberies

Tonight. 2 miles from here, near MacArthur Corridor, Dimond District. Same guys as the ones doing the home invasions, same time, but different car. Now they are using a black Lexus. Still 2 African American males, waiting in the dark around 7pm for unsuspecting people to come home. Then, they rob their victims at gunpoint. SEND HELP!!!! It’s a war zone here, and we are getting hammered.


9 Responses to “5 More Robberies”

  1. Can’t you find a nice Asian couple to see it to?

  2. I read an article in the Republic recently about gang members going into the military to get trained in combat tactics, they say police departments are out numbered, out gunned, and out trained. It’s a sad world we live in. I’m glad we moved out of “Shooter’s World” I heard on the news tonight that there are more and more shootings in that area, not gang members shooting other gang members, but random shootings of innocents.

    • I wish we could have moved out of Shooter’s World because this is just a down right Wild West show over here right now. 5 freakin’ robberies last night. That is ridiculous.

  3. Monte McClain Says:

    yikes. hadn’t heard about this yet. love the youtube video. hang in there.

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