It’s a War Zone Here

Tuesday morning OPD and the highway patrol chased down some kids on the bay bridge and arrested them. The news was all over it, saying those suspects were the ones responsible for the home invasions robberies. Maybe. On Wednesday, I took this photo, of the police responding to an armed robbery call across the street from where I buy dog food.

In the mean time, the police made more arrests of two different sets of suspects. The news keeps reporting the woman in the last set of arrests says she “accidentally” shot a victim. What the hell? She shot someone. It doesn’t matter whether she “accidentally” did it or not. She used a gun to perpetrate a crime. And then this happened last night after the victim got off the 57 bus, down the MacArthur corridor.

In the mean time, we seem to have an offer on the house. Seems like a good offer. We are selling it “as is” now, and at a good price. Yup, we are running. Seems like the prudent thing to do at this point, and I have to admit I’m more than a little angry with my realtor. At a meeting to discuss terms, she told me I was all “entrenched” in this scene, and it was my “reality.” Then she tacked on “You make you own reality.” Huh? Um, yeah, the home invasion was across the street from me. The robbery was across the street from my pet store. The killers of this last victim were on the bus I ride. How does one get dis-entrenched from this? Well, something will happen to her, and then soon I suppose it will suddenly become her reality too.

UPDATED: Yup, another shooting.


8 Responses to “It’s a War Zone Here”

  1. You’re MOVING? Where are you moving to? Write me if you can’t share the details here.

    Hope things work out for you!

  2. I hope it was the scum bags that have been robbing folks in your area. It might be a mute point now. Congrats on the pending sale. I hope it goes through smoothly.

    • That’s our main concern right now – is that the sale will somehow bungle. We will probably leave anyway and just rent the house. It’s too much around here.

  3. I hate seeing neighborhoods go through this, good people having no choice but to escape. When we moved from Shooter’s World we had neighbors coming over and asking us not to leave and abandon the neighborhood, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Hope the home sale goes through.

    • We still haven’t gotten back with our realtor because we can’t find another place to go. No one takes pets much out here, and you would think that is odd because California is such a dog loving state.

  4. Watched the news tonight, Oakland is the fifth most dangerous city in the US. I know you didn’t need to hear that, but New Jersey has number 1 and 2, I can’t recall the cities.

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