Up for moderation

Yeah. The turkey. It was (notice past tense) delicious.
The little dog, at her new post, by me and my computer. I say “post” as if she’s guarding something. Not.
The big dog is in the den. She’s not doing so well. I think the cancer and the lipoma in her leg are finally getting to her. We have an appointment at the vets tomorrow to see if we can get her some relief. This morning she refused to eat her boiled chicken. That’s a first.

Then, this was in my spam queue today – “How come you are moderating my comments.” It was dropped on the blog entry “Doctors Appointments.” I left it in the spam queue, so technically it’s spam and not even up for moderation.


6 Responses to “Up for moderation”

  1. Ummm, turkey looks good or I should say looked good. Bet it tasted good also. Hope the big dog gets to feeling better. I hate to think of him suffering.

    • The dog ate some boiled chicken finally. She seems better. I’ve poured a whole bottle of pepto bismal down her now. If she can just hang on. The new house we’re trying to move to has the biggest patio in the world, and that’s what she likes – hanging out on the patio.

  2. Glad that SHE’s doing better. I have a hard time keeping up with the sex of animals (grin).

    • She’s a little better, but I’m not sure she’s going to make it. We should know more by tomorrow. Looks like the old dear is worn out and the cancer has caught up with her. Today, she’s lying on one spot and not moving. At least, she’s not crying. We are getting a house call tomorrow, so we will know more – hopefully.

  3. Little Dog guards just like my Little Dog used to guard, the only time my Little Dog would wake up is if you moved her blankie or tried to reposition her pillow, I guess we were safe from bedding thieves. Sorry to hear Nikki is having some bad days, I’ll say a little doggie prayer for her.

    • Thanks AZ. It’s sad times around her. I called Nikki’s Mom today – my step daughter and told her. It about broke my heart. That dog loves her and she love the dog.

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