Voice Twin

I love roasted chickens, almost as much as I love bacon. So, there’s a Boston Market over by the Big CVS, which is dog trot past Rockridge. I wander up there sometimes to gnaw on that roasted chicken a bit. It’s good. We went there yesterday and ordered the family dinner for 3 because the Big Guy is eating for 2. Anyway, he was ordering and I was fiddling around, looking at the spinach or apple side dishes. He ordered and walked off. I couldn’t see him so I simply yelled out, “Where are you?”

This stranger in front of me said, “I’m right here, Babe.”

I started laughing and said, “Wrong Babe.”

I startled the poor guy. He turned to me and said, “You sound just like her,” and he nodded toward his significant other who was picking up some chicken herself at the cashier.

I yelled across the store, “He says I sound like you.”

The stranger’s significant other yelled back, “You do sound just like me.” And by God, I did. It was creepy beyond belief. It was like talking to myself. I have never met anyone who sounded just like me. I’ve seen people who come pretty darn close to looking like me, but not sounding. I have a very nasal Southern twang. Afterward, the woman and I kept staring at each other, not in a rude way either, but in a way like this is freakish and I can’t stop staring to help myself.


4 Responses to “Voice Twin”

  1. I know exactly where my voice double is, she’s my sister. There have been a few embarrassing moments when boyfriends would call me at my sister’s house and didn’t realize they weren’t talking to me. My sister, being honest as the day is long, wouldn’t let on it wasn’t me until they spilled their guts.

    Did your voice double grow up in the South too?

  2. That is hilarious! I bet she got the scoop from the boyfriend before she said anything.

    I should have talked to my voice twin but it was so weird, I couldn’t manage to say anything else. She and I kept staring at each other though. Very odd.

  3. That is always funny when in a crowded place.

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