Nativity Run Amok

1. Tiny plastic Jersey cow by Mary’s right knee.
2. Tiny plastic pig by Joseph’s right knee.
3. Hot pink robe. On Joseph.
4. Plastic palomino.
5. Brown plastic animal ass.
6. Fur covered plants.


6 Responses to “Nativity Run Amok”

  1. The “live action” nativity scenes crack me up even more. I can’t get my head around people sitting around doing nothing in the cold night air. Now let’s see, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and Three Wise Men — you could get up a nice poker game!

    Big dog hanging in there?

  2. I guess it’s that time of the year.

    • HA! Yes. Wild nativity scenes. I remember when I lived in TN people had nativity scenes with real donkeys. That was the big feature.

  3. I would gather from this Nativity scene that attention to detail and scale is not of utmost importance to the creator, and when I say creator I mean the homeowner not The Creator 🙂 !

    • That made me laugh. Scale is secondary and accuracy isn’t so important either. Somehow I think Barbie would look good in this nativity scene.

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