Moving gate

1) Great stickman being crushed by the gate.
2) Fun use of capitalization on the word “gate.” Sometimes capitalized, sometimes not.


6 Responses to “Moving gate”

  1. I guess the Csps depend on how fast the gate moves, or maybe not. Is this a gate that goes around?

    • It’s not a gate that goes around. It’s one that slides back and forth, and it seems to be unused. I guess “seems” is the operative word here. I suppose it can be used to crush stickmen.

  2. If you enjoy silly safety graphics, check out Safety Graphic Fun.

  3. Poor silhouette people, they catch hell don’t they? Every time you turn around another silhouette person is put smack dab in the middle of a dangerous situation, I wonder why they don’t take their own advice and steer clear of all the dangers.

    • LOL! I wonder too why the silhouette people are always catching it. Can’t they have some that are in good condition pointing the thing that might damage them, like this is dangerous – see, right here!

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