Blogger Request

I accidentally deleted a bookmark for one of my blogs, and durn if I can’t remember the name of it. If the blogger who I was visiting from Japan comes by my blog, please leave your blog’s URL in the comments. I can’t remember how to get back and I can’t find the bookmark. I was really enjoying your blog before I accidentally deleted the bookmark. Sorry to have to post this request. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.


4 Responses to “Blogger Request”

  1. I read a Japanese blogger also, I was lucky I had her email address so when my computer died, I just emailed her and got a link.

    • I’m really sick about this. I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember the name of the blog but I think now it must have been in Japanese. (?) maybe? It was a great blog with beautiful pictures and I left comments on it. I can’t even imagine what I did with the bookmark. I can see the guy’s profile picture in my mind but I can’t remember how to get back. 😦

      • I hate that when that happens, I’ve lost a few good reads when my computer(s) have died. Can you remember the subject matter of any of his/her posts, sometimes if you do a search on the interweb you can find a particular post if you can remember a place name or something relevant to an individual post.

      • I have searched and searched by topic on the internet but I can’t find it. The weird thing is I think he came back by my blog. I saw a Japan hit on the stat counter. In his blog he said his English wasn’t all that good though it appeared to be excellent to me. It’s sad. I didn’t know what else to do other than a general plea. I don’t imagine I will hear back from him.

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