This is a photo from the downtown San Francisco Hyatt. The lights are beautifully strung off the ceiling in long strands.

I decided to go to the Hyatt to see something they have on display every year called “Snow Village.” It’s an elaborate tiny Christmas snow village scene. I’ve seen it before and it’s really neat, so I took off for the Hyatt. When I got there, I couldn’t find the village, so I went back to the revolving door and asked the doorman:

Me: What floor is snow village on this year?
Doorman: The man is dead.
Me: What?
Doorman: The man is dead. No snow village.

Apparently, snow village was a private collection and the owner died or, “the man is dead.” Christmas is cancelled. At least part of it anyway, at the Hyatt.

4 Responses to “Hyatt”

  1. That looks really nice. So the demise of the man cancels the snow village. I wonder if the CEO of GM died would all of the Chevies go away. Just kidding.

    • HA!!! Too funny, but you would think since “Snow Village” was such a big deal at the Hyatt, they’d get it from the dead guy’s family…or something.

  2. So, I’ve gotta ask, does the Hyatt put up all those lights or do they contract with a decorating company to come in and do all the decorating? Can you imagine if all those strings got tangled up, man I would want to be head of the Detangling Department 😉 !

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