Rain, et al.

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain here. I’ve forgotten what the sun looks like. Okay, it’s better than snow, which a lot of people are getting and in large amounts. Those are the only good words I can say about our rain.

Our house sale is finally driving me nuts. It was a short drive, but still, here I am on the border of coo coo-ville. When did selling a house become so convoluted and difficult? We want to sell. We have a buyer who wants to buy and yet, weeks later, we’re still fiddling and futzing to the point that I want to kick everyone (agents, inspectors) out of the house and scream, “Over my dead body.”

I had a chimney inspector here on Monday (buyer’s workman) who said (and I quote), “I could condemn this whole place.”

My response? “Take your best shot, Buddy.” Instead, he just broke my husband’s extension cord holder and wandered off.


6 Responses to “Rain, et al.”

  1. The a__ hole probably wanted a little kick-back. Wish we had your rain.

  2. We have snow. A lot for here and the kids haven’t gone to school for a full day all week.

  3. The year we sold our three houses “is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure,” as for rain send some over to our neck of the woods!

    • I have bought and sold about 7 houses, AZ. I have NEVER seen such a mess over this transaction. I think it is finally dead. I called our contractor tonight. He can start work about the second week in January fixing stuff sited in the reports, and then after that, we’re living in the house, right here in shooter’s world.

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