Mormon Temple

The best Christmas lights this year are at the Mormon Temple. They even have some music playing in some sort of surround sound. It’s open to the public, or at least I think it is. We drove in, parked, and then walked around.


6 Responses to “Mormon Temple”

  1. Nice photo. I wouldn’t want their electric bill.

  2. I’m impressed with the palm trees! You couldn’t get me up in a cherry picker to decorate way up there.

    • I’d like to see how they decorate those palm trees but honestly I don’t pay very much attention to what goes on up there on the hill until after the lights are up. It’s quite the tourist draw.

  3. Monte McClain Says:

    We went tonight. I thought of you, in particular as we passed in front of the giant Jesus. Nice lights. I’m sure that the palm trees, and the “river” that they turned on as we walked across one of the several bridges, look just like ancient Bethlehem did.

    • LOL! You know what we always say, “They calling in the mother ship!” It’s a very weird place, but fits right in with Oakland. HA!

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