I hate Christmas. There. I said it. My blog. I can say what I want. Having said that, though, there are aspects of Christmas I do like. The food – of course. Cranberry sauce. Turkey. Cake. This cake. This is my friend’s baking blog and though she usually saves me a piece of everything she bakes, I didn’t get any of this. NONE, and then, she emailed me this blog entry last night. Our friendship may be suspended until she provides a piece of THIS CAKE.

The other Christmasy thing I like is – Farmer Joe’s patio. It’s covered with Christmas trees, glorious firs with such a pungent scent it’s like a forrest there now. Saturday, I trotted down there in the rain in my Payless cheapie boots with the simple intent of buying some freshly roasted coffee from the coffee guy on the patio. I literally could not leave. I went inside and got a deli sandwich (Vince’s grilled chicken sandwich – delicious!) and camped on the patio for HOURS. There were only a couple of seats available because the fur trees crowded everything and everyone. It was so quiet, and peaceful, sitting on the patio in the rain with smell of furs permeating the air. I felt like I had pitched a tent there. And I guess I had. I pitched a virtual tent.

4 Responses to “Lordy”

  1. I don’t hate Christmas, but I will admit it is a stressful time of year for most women, with all the planning, decorating, shopping, wrapping, and cooking. It’s also the anniversary of my Mom’s death she died on Christmas Eve in 1972, that’s kinda sad for me. Other than that I always try to make the most of Christmas because it was a holiday my Father wasn’t fond of, and anything to make him roll in his grave is good. As for the torte is looks delish, unfortunately I’m not a baker, or at least I try not to be because if I bake it I will EAT IT.

    • Sorry to hear about your Mom dying on Christmas eve. That’s sad, AZ.

      My Dad really amped up the beatings around Xmas. I never quite understood that concept.

  2. I can take it or leave it. As a kid, I always loved it, but it has become too commercial. Retailers want to sell something and they tend to go overboard, but that’s what they do. Looks like this year we will have a white Christmas.

    • You have had more snow this year than I can remember in a long time, Steve. It’s seems to me it snowing every other day.

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