Rain, the dog, and Chinatown

It has rained so much the paint on my front porch looks like it’s washing away. The porch has that white wrinkled look that your hands get after washing too many dishes. Tonight, it’s raining some more. The little dog just went out and stood in the downpour in the back yard – not once, but three times, each time with total disregard that she was getting soaked to the bone. She was fighting the Big Guy and me too as we tried to towel her off between stints in the back yard. Obstinate creature.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to Chinatown to look for some tea and fireworks. The tea is a sure thing. The fireworks are a crap shoot. I think every once in a while someone (as in a legal someone) runs through Chinatown and busts all the storekeepers who are selling illegal merchandise. Used to be you could buy fighting stars in some of the stores there but now if you ask for them, they look at you like you’re part of sting operation. A few months ago, I bought some spinning fire blossoms and some other low level firecaps, sparklers, etc. I hope they still have some of that. That’s the thing about Chinatown, you have to get the stuff when they have it, or forget it, unless its back scratchers or coolie hats (and I know that term is not politically correct but that is the name of the hat) or knock off sunglasses. They have those items all the time, year round, at reasonable prices. But then, who needs them?


9 Responses to “Rain, the dog, and Chinatown”

  1. Good luck on the fireworks. Here in Germany, they are still legal. All of the stores sell them for New Years. I’ve yet to buy some, way too cold to be out shooting off rockets, but some of the neighbors will.

  2. They just changed the law in Arizona, you can now purchase fireworks, but the law states that the explosion must occur no higher than 13 feet in the air. Hummm, 13 feet is just high enough to come over your fence, set your grass or trees on fire, and your roof is you’re unlucky. Wonder what the lawmakers were thinking when they past this law. I’ve seen several neighbors setting off fireworks, so next I suppose we will be reading about people blowing their hands or fingers off, and then they’ll change the law again.

    • I think the day of the M-80 is over. They are probably legalizing the weak ones we have here for sale in Chinatown. But yes, back in the day, they would blow your hand off. I’ve seen it, and not a pretty sight. Didn’t seem to deter me though. I need to go to Betty Ford to get off fireworks. Perhaps I can room with Lindsey Lohan.

      • I do think it is ridiculous for AZ to legalize fireworks. The place is much too dry with the potential to cause real damage. I think I remember some story a few years back where some kids set off some illegal fireworks in a vacant field and it caught fire, causing millions in damages. Can’t quite place the story now.

  3. Liltter Lady Says:

    Just caught up on your blog today. Started at Nativity scene. Ahh. Nice photo of Hyatt Christmas. Funny conversation with your other self and even funnier her guy answered. Dating service LOL. Mormon Temple – path of a million lights. Can I really get a free kindle for my MAC? I’ll try. Have a grang new year and happy 1/1/11!

    • You have a grang new year too. Yes, the free kindle app is on the links in the blog entry. IT IS GREAT! So, is the book, if you want to buy that too.

  4. Litter Lady Says:

    Litter not Liltter…unless that is small litter.

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