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Full House Cafe

Posted in life, Oakland on January 30, 2011 by Nada

One of my buds bought me a going-away lunch here. It’s an old style diner in the Laurel District. Delicious BLT, of course. What else do you get at a diner. Bacon. Bacon. Or maybe the tuna melt, which my friend ate.

The packing is going along. We managed to finish packing the garage. Most rooms are mostly packed, but the only thing entirely finished is the garage. Movers are coming Friday. I’m trying to sell some stuff on Craigslist that we don’t want to move. I think we will run out of boxes today. Panic has not set in, but may on Thursday.


Tanner’s De-skunking

Posted in Dimond District, life on January 25, 2011 by Nada

I went into Paws & Claws Pet Store the other day and found Tanner in the back, getting a bath. Tanner is one of the (furry) people in the hood. He used to be an arch enemy of the big dog, until one day they saw each other at the dog park and then it was like, “Oh it’s only you. No big deal.”

And so, I’m trying to wander around the burg and say good-bye to my friends, but it isn’t working out. I ended up sobbing in Farmer Joe’s, on one of my buddy’s shoulders in there. Then today, the lead cashier yells at me, “I hear you’re going to Paris.”

I yelled back, “No Pacifica. That wouldn’t work out for Paris now would it as in redneck dislocated in Paris?”

So, today I decided no more good-byes. It’s ridiculous. Okay, maybe not ridiculous, but I’m just moving across the bay. One of my friends said, “But you don’t know anyone there.”

I told her, “I didn’t know anyone when I came here.” And I didn’t. Honestly though, I know in my heart I will never find neighbors and people I love and like this much. I also know in my heart, it’s time for me to go. It’s a hard thing, very hard, and there are certain people I will miss so bad that I’m sure there will be days I wish I hadn’t left, but I plan to get a wet suit and swim in the ocean. I plan to fish on the pier. I plan to go to the Pacifica theater. I plan to worry a lot less. Okay, maybe the last one is a lie.

Deliver us from…

Posted in general weirdness, holy crap on January 22, 2011 by Nada

Not evil, but packing. Ain’t gonna happen though.

I used to think we (me and the Big Guy) weren’t hoarders but today, I revised that image of ourselves. Geez O’Pete. We need to stay up all night every night for the next 13 days, cleaning and packing or we’re not going to be ready to go when the movers get here. And I’m ashamed to say we’ve been bumming stuff on the neighbors. Yeah. Sad. I don’t know if it’s bumming or desperation. We took unused camping gear to one, a backyard table to another, a collection of unused glass vases to yet another, and a waste management bag it foldable dumpster we bought, but don’t have time to use, to another neighbor. The neighbors are going to start locking their doors when they see me wandering their way with potted plants in my arms.


Posted in animal, general weirdness on January 18, 2011 by Nada

This stuffed armadillo was in the window of a realtor in the Mission District in San Francisco. The realtor has some stuffed turtles too posed in his window. I’m filing this under “General Weirdness” because that’s where this picture belongs.

Farmers Blimp

Posted in Oakland, San Francisco, travel on January 16, 2011 by Nada

Farmers blimp is our local blimp cabbie. Not cheap, but then who knows the bargain price for blimp transportation these days. Blimps are odd to begin with, but here’s some weird news of an unexplained blimp accident and missing crew. That is odd on odd, if you ask me. Blimp. Accident. Missing crew. Someone call a news crew, except it’s 1942, AND a blimp. Not something really relevant to today’s society or any sort of main means of transportation. But, here’s another partial fact (and partial half baked deal from my brain). One of my best friend’s fathers used to be a dirigible pilot in the armed forces. I’ve forgotten which branch. Then, he became a dentist.

Umm, so I’m supposed to be packing. Looks like the house deal is closing. We are leaving. Soon. Movers are coming on Tuesday for an estimate. They are some Irish lads and hopefully, will help us. I hope they are a lot of help because you can see what I’m doing. Goofing off.

Pack Rat

Posted in general weirdness on January 15, 2011 by Nada

I like to think of the Big Guy as a pack rat, a big one, who likes to hoard weird pieces of TV and stereo equipment in our garage. I like to think of myself as a minimalist, a neat and tidy person, essentially junkless. BUT – all that stuff you see in this picture was stuffed in my closet. It is all now at Goodwill.

And the Big Guy? He doesn’t have anything stuffed on his side of the closet. It’s clean as a whistle. Some Southern saying applies here, like “People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” or maybe “Pack rats should check their closets first before labeling spouses.”

The Little Dog, and other mess

Posted in animal, health on January 13, 2011 by Nada

The Little Dog figured out today the Big Dog was gone – for good. She searched the house and the yard, and then she took it out on us. She wouldn’t stay in the office with us, and she refused to let the Big Guy touch her when he came home. So, we tried to buy our way back into the Little Dog’s heart with car rides and a trip to the village pet store for special treats. Hard to tell if the Little Dog can be bribed though. I’ve never tried it. I’ve been pretty intolerant of her shenanigans throughout the years. The Big Dog was the only one who put up with them.

And in more good news (sarcasm here) I got my annual MRI this morning to check on my brain tumor remnant. I always ask for a copy of the films so I can look at them at home, and it looks like the little f’er has grown since last year. It’s now the size of an M&M, and in one of the shots it looks like part of my brain is totally missing. WTF? From the years past MRIs, it looked like brain filled in the spot where the tumor had been, but on this one shot of this MRI from today, it looks like vacuous space where the tumor had been. Say it. Go ahead – Air Head. Skip all the blond jokes, just go straight for – no brain matter where there should be. Holy Moly Jesus de Virgin Mary of Oakland. Imagine my face when I saw that film.

“Hey, Honey, can you come back in the office a minute? I want to show you my MRI from this morning. Part of my brain has departed for Buenos Aires. Can we call the border patrol? How do we get it back?”

So, I printed the M&M and the Buenos Aires vacationing brain shots. I have an appointment with my GP to talk to him about how I’ve not been taking my cholesterol medicine. I’ll show him those shots and see what he has to say for himself, which will probably be, “I’m not a radiologist or a neurologist, and you should let them read those films.”