Fried Smelt

I love a big pile of fried smelts. I found these at the buffet in San Bruno at the Melaka Restaurant. A fried smelt could go head to head with Southern fried chicken, but then if you’re in the South, they can’t seem to fry the smelt properly. I don’t cook, but it seems like frying is frying, but I guess it’s not. There is nothing like Southern fried chicken and double nothing like California fried smelts. Maybe there could be a national fry clinic, and the fryers could show up for edification, even the carny people who make the funnel cakes, because Lord knows no one else can fry those right except those folks.

And I was thinking about other things today too besides smelts, though smelts preoccupied my mind. I suppose if we do sell the house and we do leave the area I have to delete this blog. Again. What is it with me and these blogs? I can’t really run Crazy57bus from San Francisco, though, because the 57 bus is in Oakland. Food for thought. (My mind is fixated on food, particularly smelts.)


5 Responses to “Fried Smelt”

  1. Okay, one question are the smelts gutted before they get fried, or are they the whole fish just dipped in batter and fried? I ask because when I was growing up I would eat dried fish that were dried in their entirety, and I never thought about eating little fishy guts and fishy eyes and fishy fins. Now I see a bag of dried fish and they just don’t seem as appetizing as they used to be.

    As for southern fried chicken, my ex, the southern boy, was always amazed that my Mom, a Japanese lady born in Tokyo, made better southern fried chicken than his Alabama born grandma. I have to admit my Mom made some tasty southern fried chicken, but I think she learned to make it from my Mexican grandmother. I always thought it strange that a Japanese cooked chicken like her Mexican mother-in-law, and how impressed my southern born husband. Strange uh?

    • I know one thing, if the Southern boy said it was genuine – it was. But how odd that your Mom cooked Southern fried chicken right. She must have figured out the secret. I don’t know what it is myself since I don’t cook.

      The smelts have all their guts and eyes. They’re best that way.

  2. As a lad, I used to catch Smelt in Lake Merritt. Tasty fish. Cought big ones off of the pier in Berkeley.

  3. Ok…I was going to ask what the heck is a smelt but I now see it is a fish…..guts and eyes…..ummmm I’ll pass.

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