A cat will be considered…

I’ve looked at so many home rental ads, I’ve begun to wonder about sentences like, “A cat will be considered.” How will it be considered? Hmmm? As a replacement for dog. As a furry animal? As an alien?

And then, we went to one of the bigger apartment complexes today in San Bruno to talk to them about renting a 3 bedroom. I could hear the dum-dum-dum of someone’s speakers in the unit below, vibrating the floor and the walls of where we were standing. When I looked out the window of the unit, I saw someone else’s balcony filled with trash.

“Is that allowed?” I asked the salesperson, pointing to the plastic bags, bottles, and just stuff that here in Oakland we could contact blight about.

“We fine her every month for that,” she said. “And she pays the fine.”

So that’s how it is there. Garbage on the balcony is permitted if you want to pay $250 per month, and you can blow your speakers in the middle of the day if you want regardless of the neighbors.

Kind of reminds me of what my brother said about our private high school. “They take the money so they have to take the crap.” He was referring, of course, to our parents money paying the high school and he was referring, of course, to our crap bestowed on the place. There at Nameless Large Apartment Complex That Pretends to Have Rules and Regulation, I guess you can do whatever you damn well please, if you pay them. And you can pay online too.


4 Responses to “A cat will be considered…”

  1. Sounds like an adventure trying to find an apartment. Good thing you didn’t just arrive in CA and was in a hurry. Good luck on finding a place.

  2. Apartment living can be compared to a stint in prison, you’re stuck with your neighbor for the term of your sentence — I mean lease! It is inevitable that the person above you will pee every 15 minutes throughout the night. The people to either side of you will have children who will run and bang against the common wall, or their parents’ headboard will be against the same wall your bed. Needless to say any time I’ve lived in an apartment it was a less than satisfying experience. Maybe a townhouse or patio home?

    • Okay, that paragraph cured me of looking at apartments. I was pretty much cured up anyway, but wheee weee. Nasty. I’m too old for all that.

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