Dog Gone

We put the Big Dog down this morning. She had lived 16 months past her cancer diagnosis. She couldn’t get up last night, and was struggling badly. I would say we went a couple of days too long except she still wanted to eat breakfast this morning se we gave her chicken. She’s the sweetest dog I ever knew.


12 Responses to “Dog Gone”

  1. Aw crud. I’m so sorry. And sorry I never got to meet her.

  2. She was such a lovely girl. She will be much missed by me. I loved her a lot.

    • I’m pretty sure she liked you better than me. Though I fed her and loved on her, you always made her feel special. Thanks for that.

  3. I am so sorry! She was a great dog and friend. Many sympathies.

  4. Having to post this must really hurt. I feel for all of you. Losing a pet is painful, but the big dog was your friend and that’s much worse.

    • She was a dear, dear friend. The house is very vacant and empty now. I didn’t realize how many times a day I looked for her, stopped to pat her, speak to her, play with her. She had this little habit of going up to the dog door and pushing it slightly open and smelling the air, as if she could smell a varmint in the yard. (She probably could.) It still made me laugh anyway. She would check and recheck during the day. And Mooch chicken! OMG! That dog was the biggest mooch. She was a sweetie.

  5. BigGuy here. I first found Nikki, 14-15 years ago at a Merced County animal shelter. She was a runaway and scheduled to be killed in 7 days if not claimed. I told them to hold her for me, they did (thankfully) and I got her 4 hrs after what would have been her last day (no one came to claim her). I still have the image of her at that shelter, happy and eager, even though in a cage. I took her and loved her and now miss her greatly. Thank you, Nikki, we all love you.

  6. She’s at peace now, you gave her an excellent life filled with lots of love, toys, and food it doesn’t get any better than that. Take care.

    • Thanks AZ. She is at peace now, and at this point in time, that’s our only consolation. I’m sure things will get better in time.

  7. Sorry to be so late here….catching up.
    I am so very sorry about your pup. I am so thankful, however, that you had her as long as you did and that you received all that unconditional love she had to give. We send you lots of love and hugs.

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