The Little Dog, and other mess

The Little Dog figured out today the Big Dog was gone – for good. She searched the house and the yard, and then she took it out on us. She wouldn’t stay in the office with us, and she refused to let the Big Guy touch her when he came home. So, we tried to buy our way back into the Little Dog’s heart with car rides and a trip to the village pet store for special treats. Hard to tell if the Little Dog can be bribed though. I’ve never tried it. I’ve been pretty intolerant of her shenanigans throughout the years. The Big Dog was the only one who put up with them.

And in more good news (sarcasm here) I got my annual MRI this morning to check on my brain tumor remnant. I always ask for a copy of the films so I can look at them at home, and it looks like the little f’er has grown since last year. It’s now the size of an M&M, and in one of the shots it looks like part of my brain is totally missing. WTF? From the years past MRIs, it looked like brain filled in the spot where the tumor had been, but on this one shot of this MRI from today, it looks like vacuous space where the tumor had been. Say it. Go ahead – Air Head. Skip all the blond jokes, just go straight for – no brain matter where there should be. Holy Moly Jesus de Virgin Mary of Oakland. Imagine my face when I saw that film.

“Hey, Honey, can you come back in the office a minute? I want to show you my MRI from this morning. Part of my brain has departed for Buenos Aires. Can we call the border patrol? How do we get it back?”

So, I printed the M&M and the Buenos Aires vacationing brain shots. I have an appointment with my GP to talk to him about how I’ve not been taking my cholesterol medicine. I’ll show him those shots and see what he has to say for himself, which will probably be, “I’m not a radiologist or a neurologist, and you should let them read those films.”


4 Responses to “The Little Dog, and other mess”

  1. I guess you have experience with MRI photos. You could point to one of me (if I had one) and tell me I have a miniture VW in my head and I wouldn’t know the difference.

    The little dog will adjust. They tend to do it easier than us two legged folks.

    • LOL! Miniature VW. I’m going to steal that line. Makes me laugh.

      Little Dog has been much better. We had a canine buddy come over yesterday too to distract her. In typical fashion, Little Dog ignored him. At least, she’s not mad at us any more.

  2. SO has lots of x-rays done on his thyroid, every x-ray looks different from the previous one. All we can figure is his thyroid is doing jumping jacks during the procedure to impress the x-ray technician.

    • X-rays are weird. I find them hard to read and usually just take the radiologists word for it. The brain MRIs are easier to read. They use contrast and it “pops” and tumor on the film. It “highlights” it. BUt the good news is no one has called me. When something is really foul, they phone pretty quick and tell me to get my butt to the neurologist, so must not be any big deal.

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