Farmers Blimp

Farmers blimp is our local blimp cabbie. Not cheap, but then who knows the bargain price for blimp transportation these days. Blimps are odd to begin with, but here’s some weird news of an unexplained blimp accident and missing crew. That is odd on odd, if you ask me. Blimp. Accident. Missing crew. Someone call a news crew, except it’s 1942, AND a blimp. Not something really relevant to today’s society or any sort of main means of transportation. But, here’s another partial fact (and partial half baked deal from my brain). One of my best friend’s fathers used to be a dirigible pilot in the armed forces. I’ve forgotten which branch. Then, he became a dentist.

Umm, so I’m supposed to be packing. Looks like the house deal is closing. We are leaving. Soon. Movers are coming on Tuesday for an estimate. They are some Irish lads and hopefully, will help us. I hope they are a lot of help because you can see what I’m doing. Goofing off.


4 Responses to “Farmers Blimp”

  1. he blimp story was a good one. I wonder if they ever discovered what happend to the crew.

    Great news on the sale and move. I guess you will be off line for a while. Hope you get settled soon and back on line.

    • The move is scheduled for 2/4, so I will be out of touch for a week or so after that. We have to get broadband.

  2. Oooooh congrats on the sale of the house! I sorta like packing up a house, it’s the only time you can really inventory your crap, and get rid of stuff. I try real hard to live by the “if you don’t use it in a year get rid of it” rule, but I still have stuff I need to donate to Goodwill.

    The crew of two disappeared huh? I wonder if they went AWOL?

  3. OMG! I have that same rule too – if you don’t use it in a year – out it goes. Even with the rule I was shocked at the amount of useless stuff I have pulled out of my closet.

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