Deliver us from…

Not evil, but packing. Ain’t gonna happen though.

I used to think we (me and the Big Guy) weren’t hoarders but today, I revised that image of ourselves. Geez O’Pete. We need to stay up all night every night for the next 13 days, cleaning and packing or we’re not going to be ready to go when the movers get here. And I’m ashamed to say we’ve been bumming stuff on the neighbors. Yeah. Sad. I don’t know if it’s bumming or desperation. We took unused camping gear to one, a backyard table to another, a collection of unused glass vases to yet another, and a waste management bag it foldable dumpster we bought, but don’t have time to use, to another neighbor. The neighbors are going to start locking their doors when they see me wandering their way with potted plants in my arms.


9 Responses to “Deliver us from…”

  1. Sounds like you have everything under control. What are good neighbors for if you can’t give them valuable going away gifts. They’ll thave fond memories of you and the big guy.

  2. We had a huge carport sale when we moved out of Shooter’s World, we made over $3,000! We had one neighbor who came over and bought something and then handed SO a hundred dollar bill, SO said “I can’t break a $100.” So the neighbor said “that’s okay we’ll keep shopping until we use up the $100.” And he did! Of course we sold everything for pennies on the dollar, but heck we couldn’t take it with us so you might as well sell it to someone who can use it. Most of the stuff was SO’s, of course, because he’s the hoarder, not me I’m a neat freak minimalist [side steps quickly to avoid bolt of lightning] :o) !

    • $3000!!!!! That’s the most I ever heard in a garage sale. If we have been more organized that’s what we should have done, but alas we will be lucky to be ready to go on moving day.

      • It was mostly man stuff, tools and such, that’s why we made so much money, but all told the people who bought the stuff made off the bandits. Many of the people were people sent to our carport sale by others who had been there earlier, the word got around real quick that there was “man stuff” for sale and the seller was practically giving it away!

      • I love that people sent other people. Makes me wish I had had a garage sale now.

  3. *like bandits

  4. there’s always for giving away stuff

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