Tanner’s De-skunking

I went into Paws & Claws Pet Store the other day and found Tanner in the back, getting a bath. Tanner is one of the (furry) people in the hood. He used to be an arch enemy of the big dog, until one day they saw each other at the dog park and then it was like, “Oh it’s only you. No big deal.”

And so, I’m trying to wander around the burg and say good-bye to my friends, but it isn’t working out. I ended up sobbing in Farmer Joe’s, on one of my buddy’s shoulders in there. Then today, the lead cashier yells at me, “I hear you’re going to Paris.”

I yelled back, “No Pacifica. That wouldn’t work out for Paris now would it as in redneck dislocated in Paris?”

So, today I decided no more good-byes. It’s ridiculous. Okay, maybe not ridiculous, but I’m just moving across the bay. One of my friends said, “But you don’t know anyone there.”

I told her, “I didn’t know anyone when I came here.” And I didn’t. Honestly though, I know in my heart I will never find neighbors and people I love and like this much. I also know in my heart, it’s time for me to go. It’s a hard thing, very hard, and there are certain people I will miss so bad that I’m sure there will be days I wish I hadn’t left, but I plan to get a wet suit and swim in the ocean. I plan to fish on the pier. I plan to go to the Pacifica theater. I plan to worry a lot less. Okay, maybe the last one is a lie.


6 Responses to “Tanner’s De-skunking”

  1. Two months from now, you feel as if you lived in Pacifica most of your life. Well…at least for two months anyway. We got over three inches of snow last night. I feel like I’ve been shoveling most of my life. I guess I have.

  2. Awwww, I felt the same way when we left Shooter’s World, we lived in that neighborhood for over 20 years, I watched all the neighbor kids grow up, the paper boy that used to deliver our papers would stop by after he was an adult and just talk and let us know what was happening in his life, all the neighbors, me included, used to cook stuff for each other, I really missed all my neighbors, but what a relief not to be lulled to sleep by the sounds of gun shots off in the distance, and a constant sound of helicopter blades beating the air while in search of the latest perp, and what a relief not to have to run and grab your mail out of the mailbox before the drug addict’s kids were sent out to steal mail in hopes of snagging social security checks.

    • Sounds just like our hood. I have to watch the postman and grab my mail. I keep calling these credit card companies and telling them to quit sending these unsolicited apps. I wish there was a fine that could be placed against them for doing that.

  3. I know you. People in your new neighborhood will be trying to murder you in no time at all!

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