Full House Cafe

One of my buds bought me a going-away lunch here. It’s an old style diner in the Laurel District. Delicious BLT, of course. What else do you get at a diner. Bacon. Bacon. Or maybe the tuna melt, which my friend ate.

The packing is going along. We managed to finish packing the garage. Most rooms are mostly packed, but the only thing entirely finished is the garage. Movers are coming Friday. I’m trying to sell some stuff on Craigslist that we don’t want to move. I think we will run out of boxes today. Panic has not set in, but may on Thursday.


4 Responses to “Full House Cafe”

  1. Sound like things are going well. Good for all of you.

    • Going good so far. Movers coming Friday. I need to quit playing on the internet, but what I need to do and actually do are usually 2 different things.

  2. The Full House makes a tasty breakfast — I know because i did a Bing search and the restaurant has a site where people can submit pictures of their meals. Breakfast is my favorite meal, I could eat eggs three times a day.

    Good to hear that your packing is going well, you’ll be in your new abode in no time.

    • You BE the computer research queen. I didn’t even know they had pictures of Full House on the internet. I love eggs too. I think it was our upbringing. We had chicken friends.

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