Out of Service

The blog will be down for a week…or so. Our internet service is down at this location as of tomorrow, and we are vacating the premises. We were at the new place yesterday. We ate at the Taco Bell on the beach, and watched the surfers. We went to the Ace Hardware too. It’s massive. Everything is very different than Oakland. It’s still funky, which I like, but in a very different way. I haven’t decided what to do with the blog yet. Crazy 57 Bus is all about Oakland, but it seems harsh to destroy it. (Not that I haven’t done that before) I may just wander off and start a Pacifica blog, but then what would I call it? I’m hoping someone will drop some suggestions in the comments for a name. O’er and out.


12 Responses to “Out of Service”

  1. Have a smooth sail to Pacifica. I’ll have a sugested name by the time you’re back on line.

  2. Sorry I didn’t comment on the headless parking meter post, but I was standing in the laundry room folding laundry when I heard a loud “POP!” I’ve never heard that noise in my entire life, so I stuck my head out the door that leads to the garage and the water heater was workin’ fine. I walked into the great room and I could hear water running! My heart started to sink, I followed the noise and it was coming from the kitchen, I looked in the dishwasher and under the sink, all good. I stuck my head out the patio door and I heard the water running. I walked to the end of the patio and a plastic pipe had burst and was spraying water, not a little spray, but an all-out open the spigot to full blast kind of spray. I ran in the house and told SO “we got another gusher!” He had to turn the water off to the entire house because there’s no shut off on the patio. I was so depressed I completely forgot to comment on your and Steve’s post. It’s fixed now, SO got up early went to Home Depot got some parts and fixed the problem. Thank goodness it happened while we were home! We don’t know if the plastic pipe just broke, or if the slab leak is making the house settle, or if the cold made the PVC brittle, but whatever the cause I didn’t really need more water issues.

    New blog name huh? I’ll put on my thinking cap…

    • Thank goodness you were home! And double thank goodness it’s not a slab leak. Do you think the pressure has gotten better since the slab leak was fixed and maybe the pipe just popped.

      I had a small PVC pipe break in my house in Tempe one day, but I was at work all day. I literally had 3 inches of water in my house by the time I got home. Miserable.

  3. Dawg,

    You are missed in this neighborhood, but I am happy for you, K and little dawg to have thsi peaceful new spot. Know that I misss you (and have for a long time) but that we will come visit soon.

    One step away from madness is a big, damn step. Cheers, pal.


    • Thanks for dropping by GC. You will have to come and see us. We are close to the beach and have a nice picnic table.

  4. Call the blog: Sam Trans. Ha ha! That’d be good for your SEO!

    Love that photo of the Little Dog…and LOVE the way she perks up when the Podengo comes around. He’s a lousy influence on her, with his rolling in dead worms, but he loves her back in his own, self-absorbed way.

  5. Little Dog does love the Podengo so. She has finally settled in and is back to her usual routine – sleeping!

  6. That was FAST! I was reading that your new stomping grounds had city-wide Wifi, is that why you’re back so quickly?

    No blog name suggestions yet! I thought I had a week to think about it!

    • Huh? Free Wifi. I didn’t know that. We hooked up comcast which is $60/month with TV, but so far no TV. I have found the site for the free Wifi so we are all over that. We have to call them though. The modem part is missing.

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