Dashed and Smashed

We cleaned the vacated Oakland house yesterday. I scrubbed the refrig, and vacuumed the hardwood. We stopped at Farmer Joe’s on the way out of town, and snatched a roasted chicken. No one but no one can roast a chicken like Farmer Joe’s. And so, we are officially out of Oakland. Good-bye Oakland.

Hello Pacifica. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the blog. I like the new blog name, Pacifica Tsunami, suggested by Steve, and I have reserved it. The title lends itself into my chaos theme. Speaking of which, the first day we were here, a huge raccoon was dead on the side of the road by our house with its head crushed. The hubby went out to look at it, and then, I took the little dog out to look at it. It was the size of a bear cub.

This morning I let the little dog out to use the bathroom. She did her business. I collected it a plastic bag and trotted around the corner of the house to fling bag and poo in the waste can. The house is small. The corner of the house is not far, and yet, in those brief seconds, something very wrong went down. I heard the little dog, who is stone deaf and mostly blind now due to cataracts, come unglued. I ran back to her. She was barking so hard her front feet were coming off the ground. Looking at us from the other side of the fence was a raccoon head, and not a small head either. It was about the size of a basketball. The ‘coon was eyeballing my backdoor, which I had left open. Thank God for the little dog. She may be old, but she’s fighter. Not so much a biter anymore, though, because she’s lost most her teeth.

From there, it turned into a stare down. The fence is about 6 feet tall. I have to assume the raccoon was standing on something in my neighbor’s yard. I have to also assume, he’s visited my yard before. We all stood there, staring at each other until the raccoon very slowly backed down behind the fence. The little dog trotted triumphantly into the house. All hail the little dog.


13 Responses to “Dashed and Smashed”

  1. I love this story. Next time you sling po, take your phone and get a shot. The first photo on the new blog should be a wild coon looking at you.

    • Let’s hope that wild coon never comes back so I don’t get his mug shot. No sign of him today but I’m not leaving the door open either.

  2. Go little dog!

    So sorry that it didn’t work for you so stay in Oakland.

  3. Your life is an adventure isn’t it, back in the ol’ hood you had things sneaking through the doggie door and going bump in the night, and now you have a fence jumping Giant Widowed Raccoon. Good for Little Dog doing her fierce territorial display. Let’s hope Giant Widowed Raccoon takes the hint.

    Darn! To slow with my blog name suggestion “Vista de Nada” aka “View of Nothing.” I don’t know if you ever watched the movie Multiplicity, but the star of the movie was a home builder and the development he was working on was “Vista de Nada.” I always ask people if they noticed the development’s name when they watched the movie, and thus far I’m the only one who got a huge chuckle at the development’s name.

    • I LOVE that name – Vista de Nada. Hilarious. I’m really torn now between the two names. That’s such a great name for a blog. I’m surprised no one else has taken it.

      • Like I said the sign only appears for a second in the movie, I think the guy drives by it in his truck; if you don’t speak Spanish “Vista de Nada” just seems like a reasonable name for a development. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked people who have watched the movie and nobody has ever noticed the “Vista de Nada” sign. Not even my sister noticed, and she’s catches all the little things in movies.

  4. Glad to hear the move is over for you. I hope you are so very happy in your new home. Yeah for little dog sounding the critter alarm! If you move on to a new blog…don’t leave without me!

  5. Vista de Nada is super funny but your house has a GREAT view of the Mountains and is only blocks from the beach…Given that, Pacifica Tsunami is more accurate, if you get my meaning!

    • I think it was more a statement of the blog – Vista de Nada. I have no views – just rambling here. So, it’s still a toss up but Pacifica Tsunami may win through sheer laziness. I already set it up and when it stops raining I’m going to go get some pictures.

      • I was also considering your anonymity I didn’t want to use Pacifica in the blog name. I figured “Vista de Nada” wouldn’t give your location away.

      • You are correct. I like the way it sounds too – all official and then it means View of Nothing…so like me.

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