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Dashed and Smashed

Posted in animal, Oakland, Pacifica on February 10, 2011 by Nada

We cleaned the vacated Oakland house yesterday. I scrubbed the refrig, and vacuumed the hardwood. We stopped at Farmer Joe’s on the way out of town, and snatched a roasted chicken. No one but no one can roast a chicken like Farmer Joe’s. And so, we are officially out of Oakland. Good-bye Oakland.

Hello Pacifica. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the blog. I like the new blog name, Pacifica Tsunami, suggested by Steve, and I have reserved it. The title lends itself into my chaos theme. Speaking of which, the first day we were here, a huge raccoon was dead on the side of the road by our house with its head crushed. The hubby went out to look at it, and then, I took the little dog out to look at it. It was the size of a bear cub.

This morning I let the little dog out to use the bathroom. She did her business. I collected it a plastic bag and trotted around the corner of the house to fling bag and poo in the waste can. The house is small. The corner of the house is not far, and yet, in those brief seconds, something very wrong went down. I heard the little dog, who is stone deaf and mostly blind now due to cataracts, come unglued. I ran back to her. She was barking so hard her front feet were coming off the ground. Looking at us from the other side of the fence was a raccoon head, and not a small head either. It was about the size of a basketball. The ‘coon was eyeballing my backdoor, which I had left open. Thank God for the little dog. She may be old, but she’s fighter. Not so much a biter anymore, though, because she’s lost most her teeth.

From there, it turned into a stare down. The fence is about 6 feet tall. I have to assume the raccoon was standing on something in my neighbor’s yard. I have to also assume, he’s visited my yard before. We all stood there, staring at each other until the raccoon very slowly backed down behind the fence. The little dog trotted triumphantly into the house. All hail the little dog.



Posted in animal, general weirdness on January 18, 2011 by Nada

This stuffed armadillo was in the window of a realtor in the Mission District in San Francisco. The realtor has some stuffed turtles too posed in his window. I’m filing this under “General Weirdness” because that’s where this picture belongs.

The Little Dog, and other mess

Posted in animal, health on January 13, 2011 by Nada

The Little Dog figured out today the Big Dog was gone – for good. She searched the house and the yard, and then she took it out on us. She wouldn’t stay in the office with us, and she refused to let the Big Guy touch her when he came home. So, we tried to buy our way back into the Little Dog’s heart with car rides and a trip to the village pet store for special treats. Hard to tell if the Little Dog can be bribed though. I’ve never tried it. I’ve been pretty intolerant of her shenanigans throughout the years. The Big Dog was the only one who put up with them.

And in more good news (sarcasm here) I got my annual MRI this morning to check on my brain tumor remnant. I always ask for a copy of the films so I can look at them at home, and it looks like the little f’er has grown since last year. It’s now the size of an M&M, and in one of the shots it looks like part of my brain is totally missing. WTF? From the years past MRIs, it looked like brain filled in the spot where the tumor had been, but on this one shot of this MRI from today, it looks like vacuous space where the tumor had been. Say it. Go ahead – Air Head. Skip all the blond jokes, just go straight for – no brain matter where there should be. Holy Moly Jesus de Virgin Mary of Oakland. Imagine my face when I saw that film.

“Hey, Honey, can you come back in the office a minute? I want to show you my MRI from this morning. Part of my brain has departed for Buenos Aires. Can we call the border patrol? How do we get it back?”

So, I printed the M&M and the Buenos Aires vacationing brain shots. I have an appointment with my GP to talk to him about how I’ve not been taking my cholesterol medicine. I’ll show him those shots and see what he has to say for himself, which will probably be, “I’m not a radiologist or a neurologist, and you should let them read those films.”

Dog Gone

Posted in animal on January 12, 2011 by Nada

We put the Big Dog down this morning. She had lived 16 months past her cancer diagnosis. She couldn’t get up last night, and was struggling badly. I would say we went a couple of days too long except she still wanted to eat breakfast this morning se we gave her chicken. She’s the sweetest dog I ever knew.

Christmas Photos

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Patty Cake

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Posted in animal on December 12, 2010 by Nada

You know there’s been a lot of rain, when there’s a newt on your house.