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Posted in BART, general weirdness, Oakland on September 23, 2010 by Nada

I finally got a picture of Pigy. He stopped by to gobble seed. Pigy has a telltale white rectangle on his back – his gang colors, as in the gang of one, feathered variety.

I went into the city today to meet with a realtor. I give. Oakland wins. Hopefully, the broker can find us something close to the Big Guy’s work with a yard, one story, and near-by public transportation. Everything else, we can work around. I now carry a minimum of 4 BART cards with me since they demagnetize at every turn. Card #1 didn’t have enough funds. Card #2 was demagnetized. Card #3 was demagnetized. Card #4 worked. I find it distressing every time I turn around the cards are demagnetizing. I carry them all in the same holder, not near my phone or iPod. I was trying to talk to the station agent, when yet another crackhead holding a small can of cat food started screaming at her and alternately pounding on her cage. I will say it again – Oakland you win. I lose. Let me leave in one piece as soon as possible. After the crackhead screamed “Have a blessed day and I am not your husband,” he went up the escalator and the agent gave me a new little wallet with some special magic walls to keep my BART cards safe. It’s very cool, mostly plastic. Hope it works. Hope I get the hell outta Oakland.


Cotton Candy?

Posted in BART, food on March 24, 2010 by Nada

The street vendor was sitting on the BART with his pole full of cotton candy. I tried to take a picture with my phone and got a blurry mess, but then I decided it was kind of unintentionally cool.

BART and the Hoof

Posted in BART, health, San Francisco on March 16, 2010 by Nada

Here’s my worst nightmare, or should I say my recurrent nightmare – BART breaks down in the tube, the tube being the underwater one connecting West Oakland to San Francisco. The train actually uncoupled. The Big Guy was going to work in the train immediately following the one that uncoupled and stalled out in the tube. Someone get Denzel Washington. I smell a movie, probably called BART Undone. Denzel recouples the BART cars while pretending not to know what the hell is going on. Then he shoots the train in the caboose with a 12-gauge shotgun. Okay, the BART doesn’t really have a caboose, and Denzel has no reason to shoot a lame train, but there has to be some random drama so Denzel can whip out his worried look with furrowed eyebrows.

In other news, still no migraines. YEAH! But now my foot hurts. What the heck? I think my foot has probably been hurting for a while but I didn’t notice because of the migraines. At any rate, I’m seeing a podiatrist on Monday. Apparently, you can get an appointment with podiatrists pretty quick. They’re not like neurologist, where you have to wait until your brain explodes. Maybe they’ll be able to fix me up pretty quick too. I’m hopeful. Since I can’t drive, my hooves are my main means of transportation. Maybe the doc can rehoof me on on the spot, and I’ll be good to go. Maybe I should just see a farrier.