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Posted in construction on November 5, 2009 by Nada

The bay bridge has reopened. Some locals refuse to drive across it because they don’t want to be the next winner of the bay bridge lottery and get smacked with tons of falling steal sponsored by the cracked eye beam.

On the way back from the neurologist’s office on Monday, Hubby and I struck up a conversation with a random bus person. We were all noting the bridge was open – again, but for how long? The bus person thought the bridge wasn’t going to make it. It’s amazing how many of the locals subscribe to this theory. He said, “it’s not like the Golden Gate, a suspension bridge. The bay bridge is a stiff erector set with no give or take. A little wind, a little vibration, some earthquake and there’s a whole lot of trouble.”

AZ sent me the following pictures, of the Hoover damn. It’s being rebuilt also. Like the bridge, it’s a monumental project. She had a picture from 1972 and one from current day. We passed through there about a year ago, and they were busy working on it.hoover1972hoovernowI love these pictures. I wish I had gotten some of pre and post bay bridge piece failure. I tried. I contacted one of my friends who lives in Richmond across from the pier. She found a guy named Cap’n Tyler, docked at the Richmond pier. His business card said he would take his boat anywhere for a reasonable fee. My friend asked him about motoring up to the broken bridge for some pictures. He was game, except for one problem – a hole in his hull. A buddy of his had rammed his boat while he was salmon fishing in Alaska. He was waiting on a check, all the while insisting his boat was still sea worthy. I had a vision of us sinking immediately below the bay bridge.

Coast Guard: What were you doing out there?
Me: Taking photos.
Coast Guard: Did you know about the hole in the hull?
Me: Ummm, yeah but Cap’n Tyler said the boat was sea worthy.
Coast Guard: (Guffaw)

Anyway, Sunday rolled around, and by then we had come to our senses. Also, Cap’n Tyler said he now had a dog and wife joining us. Mind you, I have nothing against dogs and wives, but if you’re contracting someone to take you somewhere you don’t want the other person to bring their entire family. It would be like hiring a cab and the cabbie stops at his home and picks up his mother-in-law and two kids. Yes, you would all fit in the cab. Yes, you all might be going the same place. But, HEY, I’m paying for the cab. It’s a hire, so what’s with the family?

The good Cap’n called my friend and said, “Looks like we’re going to have to push this little adventure off until Monday because the pier gas is closed on Sundays.” My friend told him we had changed our minds. The Cap’n said something else. My friend said it was like a conversation you have with your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Girl: I can’t take this any more.
Boy: No, don’t. I’m breaking up with you first.
Girl: You can’t do that because I just broke up with you.
Boy: No, you didn’t.

Whatever. The boat trip was canceled. My friend and I packed a picnic and went for a long walk on the river walk, winding around the Richmond pier. My friend pointed out the place where the Cap’n, his boat, his dog, and his wife were docked and then, as we walked farther out by the Exxon tankers, we strolled past the pier gas station with a huge sign hanging from it that read: “Winter Hours. Open Fri – Sat – Sun, 9am – 6pm.” We stopped and stared at the sign and the open gas station, and we wondered out loud if there was really a check coming for the good Cap’n to repair the hole in his hull.