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Daniel Swafford City Council District 4

Posted in Dimond District, District 4, Oakland, political, politics on September 12, 2010 by Nada

I have no interest in politics. Zip. None. But I do have a high interest in electing someone to Oakland City Council for District 4 who’s done a whole heck of a lot for my community. That person is Daniel Swafford. He’s running for Oakland City Council District 4 in the November 2010 election. His volunteer work speaks for itself. What the web site doesn’t say is how Daniel never runs from a tough situation. He wades in and mediates. Do I know him personally? Sure, I do. I think everyone in the Dimond District knows him and knows how much he has helped our community with his sincerity, hard work, and willingness to unselfishly give his time for the betterment of community. Okay, now I sound like some kind of ad. Vote! Daniel. That’s what I say. And I only recommend the best on this blog. He’s the best. I know. I know. Another best.