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Fried Smelt

Posted in food, general weirdness on January 3, 2011 by Nada

I love a big pile of fried smelts. I found these at the buffet in San Bruno at the Melaka Restaurant. A fried smelt could go head to head with Southern fried chicken, but then if you’re in the South, they can’t seem to fry the smelt properly. I don’t cook, but it seems like frying is frying, but I guess it’s not. There is nothing like Southern fried chicken and double nothing like California fried smelts. Maybe there could be a national fry clinic, and the fryers could show up for edification, even the carny people who make the funnel cakes, because Lord knows no one else can fry those right except those folks.

And I was thinking about other things today too besides smelts, though smelts preoccupied my mind. I suppose if we do sell the house and we do leave the area I have to delete this blog. Again. What is it with me and these blogs? I can’t really run Crazy57bus from San Francisco, though, because the 57 bus is in Oakland. Food for thought. (My mind is fixated on food, particularly smelts.)



Posted in food, Oakland on December 21, 2010 by Nada

I hate Christmas. There. I said it. My blog. I can say what I want. Having said that, though, there are aspects of Christmas I do like. The food – of course. Cranberry sauce. Turkey. Cake. This cake. This is my friend’s baking blog and though she usually saves me a piece of everything she bakes, I didn’t get any of this. NONE, and then, she emailed me this blog entry last night. Our friendship may be suspended until she provides a piece of THIS CAKE.

The other Christmasy thing I like is – Farmer Joe’s patio. It’s covered with Christmas trees, glorious firs with such a pungent scent it’s like a forrest there now. Saturday, I trotted down there in the rain in my Payless cheapie boots with the simple intent of buying some freshly roasted coffee from the coffee guy on the patio. I literally could not leave. I went inside and got a deli sandwich (Vince’s grilled chicken sandwich – delicious!) and camped on the patio for HOURS. There were only a couple of seats available because the fur trees crowded everything and everyone. It was so quiet, and peaceful, sitting on the patio in the rain with smell of furs permeating the air. I felt like I had pitched a tent there. And I guess I had. I pitched a virtual tent.

Up for moderation

Posted in animal, food, general weirdness on November 26, 2010 by Nada

Yeah. The turkey. It was (notice past tense) delicious.
The little dog, at her new post, by me and my computer. I say “post” as if she’s guarding something. Not.
The big dog is in the den. She’s not doing so well. I think the cancer and the lipoma in her leg are finally getting to her. We have an appointment at the vets tomorrow to see if we can get her some relief. This morning she refused to eat her boiled chicken. That’s a first.

Then, this was in my spam queue today – “How come you are moderating my comments.” It was dropped on the blog entry “Doctors Appointments.” I left it in the spam queue, so technically it’s spam and not even up for moderation.

Big Un

Posted in food, Oakland on October 23, 2010 by Nada

Here’s the big fatty pumpkin at my grocery. Every year they have a contest to guess the weight. Person guessing closest to the actual weight gets a $50 gift certificate. The big fatty was outside the front door the first day. I came back the second day and it was inside. I had a vision of a tiny army moving the monster. It was probably just the forklift. It’s a big un.


Posted in food, Oakland, weather on October 12, 2010 by Nada

It was 95 degrees here today. For some reason, the redwood in the back yard ejected a bushel basket of dead needles into my yard. The dead redwood needles are sharp and pointed and more than once, the Little Dog went gimpy because of a stab in her hind leg paw. The Big Guy raked up the mess when he came home. Me? I’m living on chocolate mint ice cream from Farmer Joe’s. It’ll be that way until the heat wave passes.

Sitting Shiva

Posted in food, general weirdness on October 4, 2010 by Nada

I’ve been calling my best friend’s dog, Lil Jesus. It’s okay because my best friend is Jewish and remains unoffended that the second coming of Christ is her pet. I told my friend too that according to prophecy since Christ is now walking the earth for the second and final time, that means the anti-christ is here also. My friend pointed at her cat.

My friend and her mother went to a funeral this afternoon. I don’t much like funerals but I love the food. For example, when my aunt died, my cousin made mini chess pies. And she also served a big pan of tiramisu, along with a tray of homemade biscuits and country ham, and gallons of special mint tea.

So, I asked my friend if food was good at Jewish funerals. She said they would probably have cake at the temple but the good food would be at the sitting shiva, and she and her mom weren’t going to that.

Later today when I checked with my friend about the funeral food, she said they didn’t even have cake at the temple. That’s crap and will probably be the only reason I don’t become Jewish. The way I look at it, if someone dies, roll out the spread. Bring out the whole pan of tiramisu, even though my cousin told me later she got the pan from Costco. My cousin wouldn’t eat any of it either. I’m not sure why. I wanted to take a whole pan with me back home on the plane, but I bet security would have taken it for themselves and not even bothered to eat it behind closed doors in their break room. They would have stood there in front of me with forks gobbling it up.

Oaktoberfest, Oakland’s Oktoberfest

Posted in Dimond District, food, Oakland, party on October 1, 2010 by Nada

October 9, 2010 11am – 6pm where Fruitvale Avenue meets MacArthur Boulevard. PLENTY OF ZA BEER!!! So, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the Oaktoberfest, not because I’m an organizer, but because I’m the neighborhood busybody. So, I went and talked to one of the organizers today. He said, “Some microbreweries are going to only bring a couple of kegs so if you want to sample ample, come early.” EARLY! As in 11am. Start drinking in the morning. It’s liberating.

Another question: “We ran out of beer last year. Are we going to run out this year.” Actually, they did not run out of beer last year. Some microbreweries simply depleted their stock. Once drunk, it’s gone. Come early. Don’t wait until 4pm.

Another question: “Will the lines be as long as last year?” The first year, 1400 people showed up at our Oaktoberfest in the Dimond District. The next year 10,000 people showed up. Yes, the lines were long last year. We were not prepared. This year we are, but still – come early. Steins will be sold for beer purchases. Once the steins are gone, they are gone.

Another question: Will Big Lou, the Accordion Princess be there? YES!!!! I would link you up to her site, but it looks like she’s having some problems with it.