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Parking Meter Poles

Posted in Dimond District, general weirdness, Oakland on February 1, 2011 by Nada

A couple of years ago, the city of Oakland came into the burg and cut the heads off most of the parking meters, Cool Hand Luking them. (BTW: All of Cool Hand Luke is on YouTube in 10 minute segments. Watched it ALL last night instead of packing) Then, the city just left the poles sans meter heads. There have been various and sundry campaigns to get rid of these naked poles. Me? I contacted the T.V. news, and though they responded briefly, I guess the story was too boring. The news guys could have made it excited if they had tried, like “70 decapitated and left for dead on city sidewalks,” and then when you get past the teaser you find out it’s only parking meter poles with their heads cut off and left dysfunctional. But no, the news passed on the story all together. And so, the poles stuck up in the air like giant metal birdie fingers to all us residents, as in look what the city can do. Na Na. And you can’t do squat about it. Screw ya.

Until yesterday. A city worker was by the Safeway FINALLY Cool Hand Luking the poles at their base.He’s coming back Wednesday to cut some more. And I have to say, he was none too friendly when I tried to talk to him. I guess I was a bit over enthusiastic about the final removal of the city’s mess. Yup. Mess. Those meter poles with no meter heads just pushed my ADD and anti-litter buttons simultaneously and repeatedly. About the time they will all be gone, so will I.


Deliver us from…

Posted in general weirdness, holy crap on January 22, 2011 by Nada

Not evil, but packing. Ain’t gonna happen though.

I used to think we (me and the Big Guy) weren’t hoarders but today, I revised that image of ourselves. Geez O’Pete. We need to stay up all night every night for the next 13 days, cleaning and packing or we’re not going to be ready to go when the movers get here. And I’m ashamed to say we’ve been bumming stuff on the neighbors. Yeah. Sad. I don’t know if it’s bumming or desperation. We took unused camping gear to one, a backyard table to another, a collection of unused glass vases to yet another, and a waste management bag it foldable dumpster we bought, but don’t have time to use, to another neighbor. The neighbors are going to start locking their doors when they see me wandering their way with potted plants in my arms.


Posted in animal, general weirdness on January 18, 2011 by Nada

This stuffed armadillo was in the window of a realtor in the Mission District in San Francisco. The realtor has some stuffed turtles too posed in his window. I’m filing this under “General Weirdness” because that’s where this picture belongs.

Pack Rat

Posted in general weirdness on January 15, 2011 by Nada

I like to think of the Big Guy as a pack rat, a big one, who likes to hoard weird pieces of TV and stereo equipment in our garage. I like to think of myself as a minimalist, a neat and tidy person, essentially junkless. BUT – all that stuff you see in this picture was stuffed in my closet. It is all now at Goodwill.

And the Big Guy? He doesn’t have anything stuffed on his side of the closet. It’s clean as a whistle. Some Southern saying applies here, like “People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” or maybe “Pack rats should check their closets first before labeling spouses.”

A cat will be considered…

Posted in general weirdness on January 8, 2011 by Nada

I’ve looked at so many home rental ads, I’ve begun to wonder about sentences like, “A cat will be considered.” How will it be considered? Hmmm? As a replacement for dog. As a furry animal? As an alien?

And then, we went to one of the bigger apartment complexes today in San Bruno to talk to them about renting a 3 bedroom. I could hear the dum-dum-dum of someone’s speakers in the unit below, vibrating the floor and the walls of where we were standing. When I looked out the window of the unit, I saw someone else’s balcony filled with trash.

“Is that allowed?” I asked the salesperson, pointing to the plastic bags, bottles, and just stuff that here in Oakland we could contact blight about.

“We fine her every month for that,” she said. “And she pays the fine.”

So that’s how it is there. Garbage on the balcony is permitted if you want to pay $250 per month, and you can blow your speakers in the middle of the day if you want regardless of the neighbors.

Kind of reminds me of what my brother said about our private high school. “They take the money so they have to take the crap.” He was referring, of course, to our parents money paying the high school and he was referring, of course, to our crap bestowed on the place. There at Nameless Large Apartment Complex That Pretends to Have Rules and Regulation, I guess you can do whatever you damn well please, if you pay them. And you can pay online too.

What were you thinking?

Posted in accident, general weirdness on January 4, 2011 by Nada

No matter how funny you think it might be to watch the garbage disposal grind up a full sized cucumber, don’t try it. After the sink backed up, my father’s voice echoed in my memory with his chronic post disaster question, “What were you thinking?” His other (in)famous question was “Why’dya do it?” I did it, Dad, because I thought it would be funny, and it was – for a minute, but not so much after the Big Guy and I had to take the drainpipes apart. And then, I tried to deflect the blame.
Me: This is your fault, yanno. You can’t but onion skins down a disposal.
The Big Guy (looking in the stopped up sink): THE WATER’S ALL GREEN. You think this was onion skins?

.. a few moments later…
The Big Guy: (while fishing gak out of the dismantled pipe from underneath the sink) This. This here. Isn’t this the pink organic sticker from that cucumber in the crisper?
Me: Maybe.

Hard day at the ranch yesterday with that incident, and I broke a bowl in the morning, and it wasn’t that black one of kind Tina Turner bowl from her concert. It was part of a set from Crate and Barrel. After the bowl and the sink, I took the ornaments off our lemon tree and broke one of those.

And, this is the biggest “What was I thinking?” The Fuzzy Blanket (that’s its real name) from Target. I read the reviews before I bought. The woman who one starred it, said something to the effect, “This blanket sheds more than anything I have ever seen. It sheds more than a shetland pony in summertime. It is going to shed until it consumes itself shedding.” I had to have it, so I bought the teal one, and the woman was right. I have teal pills all over my house. I found a big one the size of a button in the shower yesterday. I have some stuck to my fleece right now that I’m wearing. I finally complained to the Big Guy.
Me: This blanket is a mess. Look at his house – teal pills all over it.
The Big Guy: You wanna to take it back?
Me: No.
The Big Guy: You want me to take it to the laundry and see if he can fix it?
Me: No. I can’t stand those chemicals.
The Big Guy: What do you want to do then?
I shrugged at that point because actually what I wanted to do was to try to stuff that binkie down the garbage disposal. I didn’t think the Big Guy would see the humor in my statement just at that moment. Maybe later though. Much later as in a year from now.

Today I think I might try and hold the blanket down and vacuum it with my new vacuum. I’m still thinking about that because I just got the vacuum back from the repair shop. I broke the retractable cord on it. Roger at the shop had this to say about that:
Roger: First one of these we’ve ever had come in for repair.

Fried Smelt

Posted in food, general weirdness on January 3, 2011 by Nada

I love a big pile of fried smelts. I found these at the buffet in San Bruno at the Melaka Restaurant. A fried smelt could go head to head with Southern fried chicken, but then if you’re in the South, they can’t seem to fry the smelt properly. I don’t cook, but it seems like frying is frying, but I guess it’s not. There is nothing like Southern fried chicken and double nothing like California fried smelts. Maybe there could be a national fry clinic, and the fryers could show up for edification, even the carny people who make the funnel cakes, because Lord knows no one else can fry those right except those folks.

And I was thinking about other things today too besides smelts, though smelts preoccupied my mind. I suppose if we do sell the house and we do leave the area I have to delete this blog. Again. What is it with me and these blogs? I can’t really run Crazy57bus from San Francisco, though, because the 57 bus is in Oakland. Food for thought. (My mind is fixated on food, particularly smelts.)